Ben Wildflower's Magnificat

Our Daily Bread and Roses – An Interview with Ben Wildflower

About three or four years ago, I began to see a strange, arresting, and beautiful image circulate among some of my Twitter and Facebook friends—a stark white and black agit-prop expressivist engraving of the Virgin Mary with a defiant fist raised in the air while she stomps on a twisted Satanic serpent, encircled by a cartouche inscribed with a variation from the Magnificat.

A pair of doves born in our courtyard recently unearthed documents that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt...

The Untold Story of Our Savior

Spoiler alert: He’s not an only child.


Fascism and Art

The bombing of Guernica, and Picasso’s response, 80 years on.


Art in Dark Times: A (Made-Up) Solstice Ritual

Around this time of year, I often find myself telling people about the mixture of holidays I grew up celebrating as a child. My back-to-the-land hippie parents, one Jewish, one…


Remember That the Devil Is Quite A Gentleman

There’s a long history of calling people the devil. It doesn’t usually turn out well.


Meet Black Judaism

“This is not some sort of act. This is what we do.”



It is the most important spell I will ever cast.

By Sam Kestenbaum

The Rebbe

Scenes from an annual pilgrimage.


Cannabis Jesus

Recently I had the opportunity to venture up to Vancouver, WA for a media preview tour of Farmer Tom’s Organic Cannabis Farm (Vancouver, WA), conducted in partnership with Kush Tourism.…

Venkat Srinivasan

A Tribute To Thanjavur

In South India, everyone’s paying homage to somebody.


Impossible without a body: a song, (breath), and dust

An agnostic daughter redacts her creationist father’s work.

Art by Emma Bailey

Happy New Year from KtB!

Herewith, in the spirit of the season, a highly subjective New Year’s Eve countdown of our favorite KtB moments of 2013. 10 Illustrated posts by Communicant Mary Valle. 9 New…



You may remember the fateful day, 5 years ago, when Mrs. Hannah Hubbard tried to rise from her grave where she lay buried since 1747, in Concord, Massachusetts. Very spoooooky.…

Danica Novgorodoff hanging a panel from her upcoming graphic novel...

The Undertaking of Danica Novgorodoff

For those of you wondering how Buddha-killer Danica Novgorodoff’s guerrilla art project last weekend turned out… see the gallery above.  Danica’s five-foot-tall print of a chapter from her upcoming graphic…


Guerrilla Art Alert!

Attention KtB fans: contributing artist Danica Novgorodoff, will be guerilla- installing a 5′ x 130′ banner featuring a chapter of her latest graphic novel, The Undertaking of Lily Chen, (coming…


Stink Lines*

*A prayer to the Holy Spirit, because that is who you bother with the small stuff.


Warhol’s Grave Sight

“I always thought I’d like my own tombstone to be blank. No epitaph and no name. Well, actually, I’d like it to say ‘figment” —Andy Warhol To pay homage to…


“Research and Therapy of Homosexuality”: A Flow Chart

The Boy Scouts of America are voting today to decide whether to accept gay boys in the organization. I’ve been preparing for this historic event by reading some phenomenal material…