Entrance to the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City.

Sure and Certain Hope

Walking with grandma through an exhibit about death.

Mellissa Hughes and Matt Marks on the "The Little Death: Vol. 1" album cover.

Blessing the Childish

Jesus as cockblock in Matt Marks’ post-Christian nihilist pop-opera.

Christ 112 times

Andy Warhol’s Last Supper

A few months after Andy Warhol’s death on February 27, 1987, Vanity Fair published an article by Warhol’s friend, the art historian John Richardson. He stated, “You never understand Andy…

"Marina Abramović, The Artist Is Present, 2010" by 16 Miles of String, via Flickr.

The Artist’s Present

Waiting in line at the MoMA for Marina Abramović.

Killing the Buddha

An Interest in Women

Unearthing what two New Orleans brothers—a priest and a photographer—did with their spare time.

The Sagemont Church cross.

Everything Will Fall into Place

Remaking Houston, one giant cross at a time.

Headlines and Footnotes

Sister Corita’s Big Children

Headlines and Footnotes: A Play-Pray Book by Sister Corita, foreword by Daniel Berrigan (New York: Herder and Herder, 1967) I’d know Sister Corita’s art anywhere. Her graphic sense, handwriting, and…

Life in Year One

Life in Year Now

A pilgrimage in 21st-century Palestine.

Snow Buddha

Snow Buddha

Here’s a snow sculpture I made this morning. I think of it as a belated response to the 2001 destruction of the Bamyan Buddhas in Afghanistan… and as a good…

What makes you think you've got the right?

Still Just a Comic Book

Asterios Polyp and the fate of life lived through modernism.


Journey to the End of the Night

The sounds of the soul stretch from 16th-century Spain to David Lynch’s LA.

Killing the Buddha

You Must Have a Special Need to Make Us Feel Bad

Kid! It was supposed to be something that reminded you of Christmas! Baby Jesus, OK. Dead Jesus—with X’s over his eyes? Jesus Christ! Way to ruin the party! @

Killing the Buddha

The Calling of Reverend Billy

Why in tarnation is a performance artist running for mayor of New York City?

In the beginning...

Crumb’s Genesis

Keep on truckin’ in the Garden of Eden.

Pyramid in Costa Rica

This Pyramid Is Potentially Any Human Being’s Grave

Let’s face it: you want to be buried in a pyramid. Who doesn’t? This summer, while searching for the meaning of paradise in Costa Rica, my associate and I came…

Hildegard von Bingen, Rupertsberger Codex des Liber Scivias

The Sapphire in Hildegard’s Wine

On the frontispiece of Hildegard von Bingen’s Scivias, the nun is propping her feet on a stool—perhaps to elevate her knees high enough to compose the first strokes of her…

Killing the Buddha

Lips Moved by an Angel’s Hands

Correction: This post is premised on an incorrect interpretation of the work in question. Refer to Lisa Levy‘s comment below and my response to it. Finally, on my third attempt—not…


Visual Metaphysics: Opicinus de Canistris

Passing through the Met’s Pen and Parchment: Drawing in the Middle Ages show this week, I was thrilled to discover a new fascination: the works of Opicinus de Canistris, a…