Killing the Buddha

Atheism in Proper Proportion

Lynne writes to us with an interesting comment. I am a bit puzzled about the nature of your Blog.  I subscribed b/c I thought your blog would be basically athiest and critical of religion.  The articles I’ve read are pretty much 50/50.  To be candid, I can only handle about 15% pro- to- neutral articles…

Killing the Buddha

Silly Beliefs

Gunther Dawn writes: In the otherwise brilliant introduction to Believer Beware, Jeff Sharlet glibly overstuffs the following Straw Man of false equivalence: “It is not enough for the new atheists to simply not believe; what matters is making sure that you don’t believe. They are evangelists; and like evangelicalism itself—a faith built around the Great…

Killing the Buddha

Google as God

Tucker Lieberman just alerted us to a .pdf version of his recent bit in American Atheist, “Google as God: A Theology of Information Technology”: Here we examine the behavior of Googlers in the light of commonly recognized religious practices and review Google’s qualifications as a god in the classical mold. We ask whether Google requires…

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Austin

The Inquisition

Being voted off the Presbyterian island is no fun, even if it’s only temporary.

Killing the Buddha

Margaret Speaks Her Mind

I don’t believe in God, she says. I think it’s make-believe. Then she whispers But I won’t say that around people who believe in God so I don’t hurt their feelings

Bedouin Coffee

The Collector’s Lair, part 3

“I’m a real motherfucker,” he says. “But I won’t sell a fake.”


The Collector’s Lair, part 2

Finding a fix in the dust of the Holy Land.

Shlomo Moussaieff

The Collector’s Lair, part 1

An atheist descends into the underworld of the Israeli antiquities trade.


The Diaries of the Late God

Last week a dear friend blessed me with a 1968 first edition paperback copy of a sleeping classic: Excerpts from the Diaries of the Late God by Anthony Towne. I love this. The dedication page sends a tingle down my spine. The poet Anthony Towne was, if you didn’t know, the extraordinary partner of the…


Articulate Enemy

Is there a nice way to call someone a fool? Sam Harris doesn’t think so.
A review of his new book, Letter to a Christian Nation.

Cover art from The Book Against God (detail)

The Book About The Book Against God

Critic James Wood’s sanctified blasphemies take fictional form in his new novel.

Madalyn Murray O’Hair

Don’t Stop Unbelieving

A new biography of America’s most godless woman.