Killing the Buddha

Lake Comeagain

KtB’s devoted cryptozoologist and volunteer typesetter, David Lloyd Rabig, has been moonlighting as an archivist over at A Prairie Home Companion. The other day when we were waiting for our…

Blurry Cub Scouts

Nerdjacking Old Glory

An irritable butch dyke with a fifth of Southern Comfort does her duty at a Boy Scout jamboree.

Scott Korb

Islam, Meet Scott Korb

It wasn’t long ago that we were celebrating Scott Korb’s last book, Life in Year One (don’t miss the fantastic cover on the upcoming paperback edition!), but he’s already hard…


Trish Hooper’s Last Words

KtB has had a spate of submissions regarding illness and death lately, and autumn has only just begun. In today’s piece, “Letting Gravity Win,” KtB editor Meera Subramanian reminds us…

White skinned male mannequin, lighted from the right side of the image, sitting behind a large shop window. It has strong features, colorful eyes and plastic hair. Behind it there are two other models, another white one and a female mannequin with shiny black hair.

The Reconciliation of Unbelief

A story within the AIDS story.


Is He Dead?

An estranged stepfather’s suicide begs the question.

KtB teams up with Obit.mag and The Rubin Museum in NYC.

Rubinating on Death

Thanks everyone who came out on Friday night to the Rubin Museum of Art to hear some of the winners read their pieces from our “Remember That You Will Die”…


Hear the Prison Panel

The May 1st KtB panel on “The Prison-Spirituality Complex” was a big success, and now you can hear it in full, whether you were able to make it to The…

Killing the Buddha

Agee Toasts Korb at Commie Bar

Last Friday the 19th, to a crowd packed tight at KGB Bar in Manhattan’s East Village, KtB editor Ashley Makar brought the iconic American writer James Agee back from the…


Lewis and Billy Blowout!

Thanks to everyone who came out to BookCourt last night to enjoy a fine evening of reading by Lewis Lapham and sermon and song by Reverend Billy and the Church…

Jeff Sharlet

Hear Peter Read from his Songs

Photos of Jeff Sharlet and Peter Manseau by Becky Garrison. At last night’s Heretical Hanukkah Party (or whatever you want to call it), we had the chance to celebrate KtB…

Killing the Buddha

KtB Live: Frank Schaeffer, 11/5/09

On November 5, 2009, Frank Schaeffer appeared at a Killing the Buddha event at Lolita Bar in New York City to read from his latest book, Patience for God. What…


Fuel for Truth

Taking the fight against Islamist terrorism to a New York nightclub.

Believer Beware

Cowboy for Christ

From Believer, Beware: Gender-bending love at Christian camp.

Click to buy the book!

The What of God?

A chat with Robert Wright on his new monster, The Evolution of God.


The Cacophony Choir

True tales of a stockbroker seeker, a Christian witch, and a maybe-miracle in Worcester, Massachusetts, by way of Cameroon.