Killing the Buddha

What Does Eric Scott Really Believe?

Eric Scott’s recent essay on KtB, “Valhal-Mart,” keeps arousing controversy. First, it was his alleged insensitivity to how Hollywood treats Christianity. Now, his own pagan religious beliefs are under attack. Buddha-killer Alex Rose takes an especially serious swipe, in lower case: this guy is a phony.  however engaging his story or compelling the subject of spirituality and…


Levitating Alien Mind Gods

After months of delays and excuses, I finally got around to doing an interview with Jeffrey Kripal, a religion professor at Rice University. It’s now up at The Immanent Frame. He’s one of the great oddballs in the study of religion today, about whom grad students whisper to each other, “It’s like he actually believes…

Killing the Buddha

“Non-believing” Pastor Really Believes

“Rick,” one of the pseudonymous “non-believing” pastors discussed in D click here aniel Silliman’s “Faithful Apostasy,” wrote in to cheer Dan on for his fierce response to the original report by Dan Dennett and Linda LaScola: Thank you Dan for saying better what I’ve been working on for awhile as a response to Dan Dennett,…


The Pleasure of Proof

I’m really pleased to report that the excellent New York Times blog Happy Days—a series of reflections on “the pursuit of what matters in troubled times”—has just posted an essay of mine: “The Self-Thinking Thought.” It’s a reflection on my experience spending part of a summer with St. Anselm, the 11th-century monk-turned-archbishop who introduced the…

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We Knew Nothing Then

We knew nothing but that we must do as told, that no harm would come to us. We knew we were working towards peace, and we moved everyone off the atoll. Thatch houses, outriggers, everything that was left behind was burnt. Then, for 23 days we did nothing but swam, ate ice cream, slept in…

Killing the Buddha

Beyond Belief

We received a letter first thing this morning regarding Nathan‘s new article in the Boston Globe. To Nathan Schneider: Your commentary, “Beyond Belief” in today’s Boston Sunday Globe caught my attention.  I read it with interest. Seminary was a late-in-life experience for me, my responding to a profound and undeniable spiritual “Call”. Ordained as a…


A Hundred Unspoken Rules

Bloodlines bridge the divide between belief and disbelief.

"Christ and Buddha" by Ruth Jones

The Temptation of Belief

What happens when you envy those whose faith you fear?

"It is enough that there is a world, after all."

Running on Faith

Where is God? Chasing an answer when you can’t see the road ahead.