Meditating with My Father’s Friends

We were all there for the same purpose—to understand our own suffering and maybe find some relief.

The image comes from the November 6, 1921 issue of the Los Angeles Times.

Even Religious Freedom Victories Harbor Defeats

How a 1927 Supreme Court case helps us understand today’s controversies over travel bans, border walls, and executive orders.

Mary Oliver and her dog, Perry. Photograph by Rachel Brown.

Joy Before Death: Following the Path of Mary Oliver

From Buddhism to science to the end of life.

this woman is reflecting on herself by looking in the mirror

When A Guru Says “Get Over Yourself,” Beware

#MeToo moments in Buddhism and psychotherapy.


The Buddha Loves Boundaries

Being in the moment doesn’t mean they can punch you in the face.

Excerpted from....

Stones As Social Media

Adapted from A History of Religion in 5 ½ Objects (Beacon Press, March 11th)

Killing the Buddha

Zen and the Art of Zen and the Art of Books

Anything can be done gracefully. Consider: one can peel an orange such that the rind is removed in a single, spiraling helix of citrus. Or, one can carelessly stab at…


Army of Monk

The fighting, silent warrior-monk draws me closer.


Home Taping Is Skill in Buddha

We are musicians, sampling his breaks, writing our own songs hundreds of times.

SantiMB via Flickr

The Failure of Nonviolence

“I guess I could just as easily be a non-practicing Jew-Bu.”


Burning Faith

A Sultan, a mystic, and a volcano vie for power in Indonesia.


Religion Island

Dawkins vs. Sri Lanka, and silence wins.


Crazy Wisdom

For those of you in New York City, our friends over at the ever-incredible Rubin Museum of Art are partnering with the Shambhala Meditation Center to present Crazy Wisdom, a film about…


Festival of the Hungry Ghosts

What to make when it’s your turn to feed a dead grandmother?

Dalai Lama in Washington.

World Peace for Free and Pay in Washington

On July 9th, the Dalai Lama appeared on the West Lawn of the US Capitol to talk about world peace. He was in town for the ten-day Kalachakra Ceremony for…

Newark Peace Education Summit

War and Peace in Newark

On my way into the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, an agent of the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service made me take my camera out of my bag. “It’s a common…

Killing the Buddha

Zen Master Scandal Talk

Y’all will definitely enjoy our friend Joel Whitney’s “last interview” with the late Zen master Aitken Roshi in Tricycle, complete with sex scandals, wordplay, and mortality. On the first Monday in…

Killing the Buddha

“Clerical Impropriety” Is So Hot Right Now

Those of you who thought Buddhism was still the proverbial last righteous man in Sodom might be disappointed to read August 20th’s New York Times. In his article “Sex Scandal…