Genesis on an egg in the Israel Museum

The Book of Weinstein

Unchoosing the religion of the chosen people

Photo by Andrew Boyd

Pilgrimage to Nowhere – In the Beginning

Would an activists’s life have been better spent in the in the lotus position, seeking no-self?


Marching the Buddha

If monks in Myanmar weren’t marching against the military junta this week, they would likely be taking part in a march of another kind. Late September is traditionally the time for one of Myanmar’s largest religious festivals, held just 100 miles north of Yangon, epicenter of the protests and scene of increasingly violent government response.…

Killing the Buddha

Locked Up; Thrown Out

Six years ago today, sitting in front of a television with the rest of the country, we jotted down a few thoughts that soon became a reflection on the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. Two wars later, we see some of the strange fruit those attacks planted: news of the ongoing purge of religion…

Monks in study hall

I Was a Zen Drop-out

When a teacher of Buddhism ditches her practice for motherhood, the real enlightenment begins.

"'He says you must pray,' the young monk said.
'Pray for what?' I asked..." (photo by jduemer/flickr)

The Temple Door

The daughter of a damaged Vietnam veteran returns to the scene of the crime.


Articulate Enemy

Is there a nice way to call someone a fool? Sam Harris doesn’t think so.
A review of his new book, Letter to a Christian Nation.

"Christ and Buddha" by Ruth Jones

The Temptation of Belief

What happens when you envy those whose faith you fear?

"Pop religion sells."

Brand Name Buddhism

For Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, it’s alright to get a little dirty, so long as you know which detergent will get your karma clean.

"Burma is a dangerous place! I know, I saw Beyond Rangoon!"

Motherly Love

Thus spoke Buddha’s mother: Fine, fine, be enlightened. But would it kill you to call now and then?

"It isn't about the absence of germs."

Getting Clean

What is the sound of one hand washing again and again and again?

"A poverty that would keep us free."

It Makes Great Press

A group of New England Buddhists finds Zen in the art of panhandling–but at what cost?

"If Buddha had played a trick like that on me, I would've torn his goddamn head off."

White Ashes

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but the loss of a loved one will haunt you forever.

"The hose stretched just long enough to insert one end over the tailpipe and the other end into the driver’s window."

The Only Truth That Mattered

How I lost my father to Buddhism.

"When they turn toward the ocean, I'm standing there, shoving another monk into the waves."

Pushing Monks

Lost at sea on a flotilla of enlightenment.


Mortal, Eat This Scroll!

Read the story that started it all. An excerpt from Killing the Buddha: A Heretic’s Bible.

Killing the Buddha

Fast Food Buddha

Hungry for enlightenment, an American Buddhist on retreat in Burma bites off more than she can chew.

What is the sound of one man falling?

Fear of Falling

When terror strikes, what matters more — faith, or a weapon?