Killing the Buddha

Are All Mormons Censors?

Jonathan in Utah writes, regarding Hillary White’s essay “Cutting It Out“: Interesting dissection on your views of edited films. I would suggest to maintain the integrity in you article it would be beneficial to distinguish the actions of individuals from actions of the official organization “the Church.” You use the phrase “the Church” many times…

Killing the Buddha

Cleanflix the Movie

Hey, guess what? If you liked Hillary White’s essay, “Cutting It Out,” maybe go out and see the movie version. Andrew James and Joshua Ligairi released a documentary last year called Cleanflix that portrays the world that Hillary was talking about—including the landmark speech by the Mormon president, Ezra Taft Benson in 1986.

Killing the Buddha

There Were No Ants on Golgotha!

A powerful essay in the Washington Post against the Catholic League’s already successful effort to swing the cross of Christ-crucified at the self-expression of his beloved: Today, after a few hours of pressure from the Catholic League and various conservatives, it [the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery] decided to remove a video by David Wojnarowicz, a…

From the Godblock website.

What’s the Web without God?

We all wish we could block out some things we see on the internet. No matter how carefully you try to tailor a search query, you’ll often find yourself with stinging eyes at the various dreadful things that populate the electronic collective consciousness. And often those examples of violence, sexual degradation, bigotry, and racism come…

Killing the Buddha

Who’s Blocking the Buddha?

A friend has just returned from China and informed me that this site is blocked there. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, although I don’t know how that fits with our analytics, which show a hundred or so visits scattered across the country. Most originate in the city of Beijing, but many are sprinkled…

Detail of Renee Cox, in The Pieta, by Renee Cox

Yo Mama’s Orthodoxy

The mayor, the artist, and the sacred faith of the elite.