"Our Lady of Lebanon" by Rebecca Wilson via Flickr.

Missing Communion

“God liked people who could admit to their total raw fear.”

"Repas de Notre-Seigneur et des apôtres" by James Tissot, c. 1886-1894. Brooklyn Museum.

Jesus and the Sukkah

Why did they have to build a church over Christ’s Table?

"JM 7-2" by Katie Chao, via Flickr.

Kind of Like Jews

Noahidism is a religion for everyone and no one.

Photo courtesy of Heather Strait.


On the 21st-century passing of a 12th-century bard.

The Sagemont Church cross.

Everything Will Fall into Place

Remaking Houston, one giant cross at a time.

"48/365: Ashes To Ashes" by The Cleveland Kid, via Flickr.

For Godforsakenness’ Sake

Another Lenten season. Still not quite believing.

Killing the Buddha

You Know, Just Talking to God

As of late, I have been talking to God. I have been complaining to God. I have been wondering if religion is much like golf. One summer afternoon when I was a teenager I John McEnroe’d my putter into the green and screamed “This isn’t fun!” My dad replied, “Mary Katherine, golf isn’t supposed to…

Image from Series Seating promotional materials.

Middle Ground with Jerry Falwell?

An interview With Gina Welch, author of In the Land of Believers.

Beer stein or communion wafer dispenser?

The Body of Christ, Now Germ-Free

Wired reports on the brewing intellectual property war over hygienic churchware: A Minnesota marketer of communion-wafer dispensers is accusing its former president of patent infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets. (.pdf) … The handheld devices allow the dispensing of wafers without being touched by anybody but those receiving them. What’s more, the portable devices, according…


Liquid Faith

Down the road from the Smucker’s factory, a new religion emerges in the living rooms of Latinos in America.

Photo by the author.

Blessings & Booty

She would love to be a saint, but she can’t seem to stop herself.

Killing the Buddha

Lips Moved by an Angel’s Hands

Correction: This post is premised on an incorrect interpretation of the work in question. Refer to Lisa Levy‘s comment below and my response to it. Finally, on my third attempt—not counting two extra false starts—I made it by bicycle, with six friends, to see the Chagall and Matisse stained glass windows at the Rockefellers’ Union…

Killing the Buddha

Language the Soul Speaks

This just arrived from reader Kate: Thanks to Ms. Markey and to your blog for publishing “Religious Education.” I read this article at work and wept in my cubicle. You’ve struck something very tender and complicated and true. I stopped going to Mass ten years ago because the Catholic church no longer fit me somehow—I…


One Variety of Impiety

There are lots of ways of being disrespectful during church, especially if the church is Catholic. The rules are a lot easier at your average megachurch, where shorts, t-shirts, and Starbucks are as welcome as Bibles. Basically, there, whatever’s clean and decent outside is good also for glorifying the nondenominational, American Protestant God. But Catholic…

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Austin

The Inquisition

Being voted off the Presbyterian island is no fun, even if it’s only temporary.

Nokia Theatre at Times Square

Spaces of Hope

Praying in the Cathedral of Rock.

Looking west at Fulton and Washington Avenues

Attention Friends and Neighbors!

Making my merry way to breakfast past Fulton Street in Brooklyn this morning, the LORD raised up a mighty crowd in my path. They bore yellow balloons, wide smiles, and full-color fliers at the ready. The occasion? To announce the Grand Inauguration of the Cathedral of Faith tomorrow at 1091 Fulton. On the flyer is…

By ashley.adcox via Flickr

Silver Trumpets

The rise and fall of a cussin’ campus Christian rock star.