"They don't preach, they just play
the hell out of their set..."

God and Guitars

Christian rock might not have all the answers, but for one fan and one band, it’s the questions that matter.

"The images dissolve into each other..."

For God and Country

When an outsider goes to church on the Fourth of July, fireworks follow.

photo by Gordon Parks, circa 1940

The Singing, Not the Song

In which a godless music fan comes dangerously close to having a religious experience.

"Confronted with the Gospel of John, I could not hide behind metaphor..."

Singing the Passion

A Jewish chorist tries to harmonize with the Gospel of John.

“I wonder if I will fall over, under the power of the Spirit of God…”

Fresh! Joy!

Not quite slain in the spirit at Oral Roberts University.

"My one-girl betrayal of the Catholic community was something I kept to myself."

Oh Come On, All Ye Faithful

A Christmas story about lost faith and the routine of prayer.


Amos Awake

Reading the book he’ll never write.

Church and Cemetery on Rt. 11

The Shenandoah Sutra

Crossing the Mason-Dixon to tour the battlefields and bathrooms that have shaped the nation’s soul.