Hannah Gadsby Makes It Plain

The sacramental stand-up sermon we all need right now.

Gary Austin (bottom row) at work, improvising.

Gary Austin: Making Surprising Sense

A Conversation with Gary Austin

Eddie Pepitone feigns interest as Bell dominates convo

SxSW: Bitter Buddha

My quest to connect with comic Eddie Pepitone, aka the Bitter Buddha, in person at the 2013 South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival proved to be quite the challenge. First off, the North Door, where he performed on two nights, wasn’t exactly situated in a “desirable” location. Catching Pepitone in the act required missing a sizable chunk…

Killing the Buddha

Remembering Bill Hicks

On this day, twenty years after his untimely death, let us stop for a moment and reflect on the legacy of Bill Hicks, whose timeless smackdowns of Americana Christianity inspired me to begin penning my own religious satire. On February 26, 1994, he transcended this physical plane, leaving behind a comedic legacy cut way too…