Swag bags at the Atheist Alliance of America 2013 conference

Godless Goodies

As a religion reporter since 1994, I’ve covered ample religious themed events including some localized humanist gatherings. But the Atheist Alliance of America’s 2013 Conference marked my first foray into…

Al Dayr (the monastery) at Petra awaits those pilgrims who climb 800 steps, either on foot or via donkey.

The Pilgrimage That Wasn’t

In reflecting on the images I captured during my two press trips to Jordan, one this fall, and one in 2007, a sharp contrast emerged. Five years ago, I traveled…

Killing the Buddha

Questioning Kinkade’s Karacter

The saga of discussion about Nicholas Laccetti’s “Let There Be (the Painter of) Light™“ continues. Davis Woods-Morse from Portland writes: You wrote a blog post about Thomas Kinkade in 2011…

God may not have appeared to Mother Theresa, but He needs to promote His book.

“Jesus” for Sale

Cutting the Christian cheese at Book Expo America.

Killing the Buddha

Late Night Christian Shopping

Puppets? “Drama team?” Dance? And a rock choir? All I want for Christmas is to shop for Christmas in Taunton, England Far, far into the night @

Killing the Buddha

Sunday Morning Lights

If Coach Taylor is in the pulpit and we all get to shout this at the end of the service And slap a little painted cross on our way out…