blue ridge mountains in springtime

Dispatches from Isolation, Vol. 1

Abandon most of your plans, except for the quiet house in the Blue Ridge Mountains, a promise of isolation that you desired before it was mandated.

an empty cracked egg with a downy feather attached

The Empty Tomb

How could we anticipate something so seemingly simple as peace, when something as violent as a virus is tearing through our lives, our traditions, our loves?


Baptisms for the Dead

When is a choice not a choice?

Art by Emma Bailey

Happy New Year from KtB!

Herewith, in the spirit of the season, a highly subjective New Year’s Eve countdown of our favorite KtB moments of 2013. 10 Illustrated posts by Communicant Mary Valle. 9 New…


Giving Thanks For Torn Bread

Last week, the  awesome Kaya Oakes, who’s written several beautiful personal essays for KtB, entrusted us with a new one, which she felt was a little more experimental, less linear…


Torn Bread

Communion in a woman’s hands.

Killing the Buddha

A (Neoliberal) Church of the Few

New York Times columnist Bill Keller recently created something of a controversy by following the president of the Catholic League, Bill Donohue, in claiming that liberal Catholics who find themselves out of sync…


Communion on Chemo

I’m still one of those strangers praying for others.


Buying the Body of Christ

How the communion wafer arrived in the capitalist marketplace.

"The bread, I learned, was baked by the people I took communion with..."

Take This Bread

An unlikely convert learns that believing and understanding don’t always arrive at the same time.

Killing the Buddha

God’s Hors D’Oeuvres

Hot and healthy Christ Cookies do the body good.