The Page To Damascus

Not all conversions come with a big shiny light.


Faith Enough

Visions come at the worst possible time.


Bloom Is A Jewish Name

A trio of symbolic Easter flowers, appropriated.


If A Jewish Girl Falls into the East River…

…does she make a sound?


Accidental Gods

“…it is impossible for human nature not always to love something.”

Occupy Wall Street in Washington Square Park on October 8, by Darwin Yamamoto, via Flickr.

Mic Checked

How Occupy Wall Street occupies your heart.

photo by Matthew Fishbane.

Black African Rabbi Aims High

Matthew Fishbane of Tablet magazine has a great two-part long piece of narrative journalism about the Abayudaya of Uganda, who have been Jewish since a colonial-era chieftain decided to follow…

"imperial surgical" by D'Arcy Norman, via Flickr.

Faith Healed

Surviving the unwelcome prayers of strangers.

Cutting out the middleman.

The Cock Crows

Anne Rice has denied Catholicism, but will it deny her?


Who’s Amish Now?

Is avoiding the health care mandate worth fastening your clothes with straight pins?

The Head of Christ by Warner Sallman

Jesus Saves

The way to eternal life through a dead-ringer for Christ.


Found in Translation

A faith found in Tulsa translates to Berlin

"The bread, I learned, was baked by the people I took communion with..."

Take This Bread

An unlikely convert learns that believing and understanding don’t always arrive at the same time.

Monks in study hall

I Was a Zen Drop-out

When a teacher of Buddhism ditches her practice for motherhood, the real enlightenment begins.

"Ian is baptised," from My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Baptism

It’s all Greek to them. Sacraments are just obstacles when a family’s tradition is at stake.