Detail from a drawing of <em>Lesende Mönche</em>, a sculpture by Ernst Barlach. All drawings by the author.

What Proofs about God Really Prove

Beyond the yes-or-no question.

Definitely not African.

Adam and Eve or Bust

You’ve probably heard about Professor John R. Schneider, who lost his job at Calvin College, a Christian school, for claiming that Adam and Eve could not have been real people. Science agrees that the number of genetic mutations it takes to go from from homo erectus to homo sapiens couldn’t have emerged from a population…

Ken Ham at the Creation Museum.

Open Letter to Ken Ham

Dear Mr. Ham, Thank you very much for your interest in my book, Paradise Lust: Searching for the Garden of Eden, which was reviewed this weekend in the Wall Street Journal. It is a singular honor to be mentioned by America’s leading young-earth creationist and the founder of the Creation Museum. My book explores many ideas about…

Killing the Buddha

Let There Be Pixels…

In the beginning, there was 8-bit animation. Just in time for B’resheet, find out what God used to do with His infinite time:

Killing the Buddha

When God Created Pigeons

When God created pigeons he probably thought: Man needs a flying crap vacuum as he reached down into his big bag of rocks and took his Bubbalicious bubblegum out of his mouth and made two little feet. Then he waved his magic wand over his creation, said something in Pig Latin and sprinkled a little…

The Great Heresy

Regions of the Great Heresy

At the 92nd Street Y tonight, I joined KtB author Ann Neumann for a lecture by the Israeli novelist David Grossman on Bruno Schulz. Jonathan Safran Foer, in turn, introduced Grossman. Grossman said that everybody remembers when and how they discovered Bruno Schulz—I am no exception. It was in my first college fiction writing class,…