Softening the glow of mystical illumination.

KtB Fall Fashion Tip #62: Eyewear for Luminaries

Nathan’s not the only KtB editor having trouble in the dating department. And if you think the OKCupid pickins are slim in NYC, imagine trying to find a suitable mate…

Killing the Buddha

Divine Simplity and OkCupid Complexity

If I’ve gotten my zero dollars’ worth from my OkCupid membership, it’s for the data more than the dates. (My scientist uncle suggests that five dates would be an adequate…

No Kissing Sign

No French Kisses

There is a transcendent and overarching God at work. His kisses taste like chocolate.

All photos by Katherine Wright.

Why We Hunt

Lost in the crosshairs, the gun was a little too big and the hunter a little too small.

"What is it to be in the jaws of a lion, how must it feel to be eaten?"

Xmas in the Lions’ Den

Or, “What’s Up, Daniel”; a tale of bibical danger retold for this most dangerous of seasons.

Bob Jones

Being Black at Bob Jones U.

A fundamentalist university enters the age of integration. Sort of.