KtB teams up with Obit.mag and The Rubin Museum in NYC.

Rubinating on Death

Thanks everyone who came out on Friday night to the Rubin Museum of Art to hear some of the winners read their pieces from our “Remember That You Will Die” essay contest. It was a great turnout for a contemplative evening amid the exhibitions of dancing skeletons and softly illuminated Buddhas. We’ll be posting a…

Killing the Buddha

Death: A View from the Moon

This enchanting letter comes from Graham Jones in the UK (or the moon), just in time to help spread the word about Friday’s death event at New York’s Rubin Museum: Looking back from the moon, it’s easy to see the little humans always getting stuck. I was a human once but I seem to have…

Entrance to the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City.

Sure and Certain Hope

Walking with grandma through an exhibit about death.


The Lady Twilight – Part V

“You get here what you cannot find anywhere else: pure human beings.”


The Lady Twilight – Part IV

Manisha tells the story of how she came to the place of death.


The Lady Twilight – Part III

Time to feed the skulls.


The Lady Twilight – Part II

Tantra isn’t about sex but feeding insatiable goddesses the sexual emissions they crave.


The Lady Twilight – Part I

Welcome to the burning grounds of Bengal, an open-air lunatic asylum for the divinely mad.

Moshe Rosen

In Jews-for-Jesus Heaven

Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz, the founder of Jews for Judaism, sounds forth on Moishe Rosen, the founder of Jews for Jesus, who died last week. Rabbi Kravitz, as my mother used to say, gives Rosen gut gesucht. He believed … that unless you believe in Jesus, you will burn in hell. This included the 6 million…


City of Life, City of Death

Sipping the sweet stuff amid the death dance in Benares.

Dennis Hopper

In Honor of Hopper

Yesterday arrived this somewhat inexplicable letter of loose threads, which somehow, in its entirety, seems like the best tribute to Dennis Hopper, who died last week, that we could offer. From: Nancy Langenwalter Location: Location of purchase cialis online what? Wichita Kansas Subject: About “Hallejuha ” This has been an interesting morning for me after…

Killing the Buddha

Dying for USA Today

USA Today‘s Faith & Reason blog has caught the deathy-essay-contest fever: Got time to kill? How about crafting an essay on death for a contest where the prizes include publication in a magazine that celebrates lives lost in obituary ruminations? […] Contest rules suggest you tour the exhibit in person or on line for inspiration…

Photo courtesy of Heather Strait.


On the 21st-century passing of a 12th-century bard.

Killing the Buddha

A Crisis for the Faithful

KtB senior editor Meera Subramanian has a thing for birds and they take her to the most interesting of places. In Mumbai, following an evaporating trail of vultures, she found herself wandering the sacred Parsi grounds that have been used for centuries to lay out the Parsi dead. In a ritual so old it was…


Hoping for Option B

Two brothers talk about the death penalty, kayaking, and the reality of evil.

Steve Martin as King Tut

Tripping with Tut

New York City seems to be hitting the Tutankhamun trifecta with three exhibits opening that highlight the ancient Egyptian burial rites.  Those desiring to revel in the King Tutankhamun’s (reign ca. 1336–1327 B.C.) bling will have to wait until April 23, 2010 when Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs comes to the Discovery…

In God We Trust.

Dear god,

An angry letter about Haiti from a pissed-off Pentecostal preacher.

"RIP J.D. Salinger" by cowicide, via Flickr.

Fluent in Silence

Was J.D. Salinger crazy—or just quiet?