"Not to Be Reproduced" by Rene Magritte

Music for the Crossroads

Oscar Bettison’s O Death: A Requiem Masque for Six Players as out-of-body experience.

By qleoca [be kind] via Flickr

Two Ghost Stories

Conversations with the dead, memories of life.

Pyramid in Costa Rica

This Pyramid Is Potentially Any Human Being’s Grave

Let’s face it: you want to be buried in a pyramid. Who doesn’t? This summer, while searching for the meaning of paradise in Costa Rica, my associate and I came…

Killing the Buddha

Eureka Springs

Gumby the Christ figure looks over a small town in the Ozarks.

Is God Dead?

“Is God Dead?” Guy Dead

John T. Elson, the journalist who wrote the article behind Time magazine’s famous “Is God Dead?” cover in 1966, just, well, died. The New York Times obituary reports: The issue…

"Experimental Rain" by アラン via Flickr

The Meaning of Rain

From Essential Stories: Angels are weeping.


Bedtime Stumblings

Somewhere between Jedi and G.I. Joe, there must be an explanation.

Killing the Buddha

Assumed into Heaven: Sleep Tight, Virgin Mary

  It’s late night after the feast day of the Assumption, as in the Virgin Mary’s bodily assumption into heaven, the day of her Dormition, “falling asleep,” dead to the…

Killing the Buddha

Euthanizing Health Care

KtBnik Ann Neumann makes her debut at our far-more-serious sister site — sisters in the general universal fellowship of religion sites, not in any financial or institutional way — Religion…

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Christian, for All Intents and Purposes

Unpacking religious baggage in Jerusalem.

Killing the Buddha

Corpse Posing to ‘Beat It’

Some of my best thoughts have happened when I was supposed to be emptying my mind. Like yesterday, lying on my back, limbs limp, ankles and shoulders trying to relax…

Killing the Buddha

Michael Jackson, Mark Sanford, & the Synagogue of Satan

After ignoring the most politically influential religious group in Washington for decades, the Washington Post is going big with the revelation that randy Republicans Mark Sanford and John Ensign both…

Not so fast.

Birth Is Suffering

The Buddha named his son “Fetter” for a reason.

Ad in the <em>Jewish Standard</em>

Kaddish Clearance Sale

Just call 1-800-KADDISH, today!

Cornel West

The Supreme Love and Revolutionary Funk of Dr. Cornel West, Philosopher of the Blues

(A version of this article first appeared in the May 28, 2009 Rolling Stone.) Cornel West is a slender man, but he hugs like a sumo wrestler: crouch, grab, wrap…

Killing the Buddha

Indian Pelagianism: Learn to Overpower Death

Among the opponents of Augustine of Hippo in the 4th and 5th centuries were the Pelagians—monks, mostly, who believed that salvation and eternal life could be accomplished by a finely-chiseled…


A Country to Die For

Memorial Day has never been my favorite. In Arlington, Virginia, where I grew up, it always meant the roar of Vietnam Vets on motorcycles all day. And the occasion can…

Killing the Buddha

The Little Servant of God

A new BBC documentary introduces the gospel’s most adorable foot soldier.