Killing the Buddha

Bring Out Your Dead

“The Man giveth, and The Man taketh away.” So begins JoAnn Wypijewski’s sermonic report on a report, the AFL-CIO’s 18th annual “Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect.” Wypijewski…

Christ, detail from Crucifixion, by Cimabue (active 1270-1302)

Heart Failure

Jesus on the cross is one thing, but her father is another.

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Woman, Behold Your Son

What’s so good about Good Friday, anyway?

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Bedlam Backwards: My Haggadah

A family Seder where “Next year in Jerusalem” really means next year in Jersey.

Killing the Buddha

Ars Moriendi

“To study philosophy,” wrote the French essayist Montaigne, “is to learn how to die.” In medieval times, particularly as the Black Death spread through Europe, the art of dying—ars moriendi—became…

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Nothing But a Party

Welcome to New Orleans during Lent, the universe’s biggest buzzkill.

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Let All Who Mourn Now Rise

The art of making sounds one doesn’t understand.

Killing the Buddha

Frogmore Stew for All

What would you do if you were to plan your Last Supper? And would it include Women Rockers of the ’80s Volume II?


When Hunger Can’t Be Fed

Remembering to eat, and live, when the stuff of life becomes unpalatable.

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Church of the Holy Firs

A beet seed. A tiny world. A sphere of possibilities.

Killing the Buddha

KtB is alive. Again. It just won’t die.

Since Killing the Buddha was first created in 2000, the unholy love child of Jeff Sharlet, Peter Manseau and Jeremy Brothers, religion stories have made it — to glossy magazines…


My Skyhawk Guardian Angel

What happens when Jesus is the victim of a hit and run?

Killing the Buddha

KtB is Dead

Seven years. That’s how long it has been since KillingTheBuddha.com began. Seven! That’s 63 in Web years. When KtB was born, there were no blogs; Salon was big news; the…

Killing the Buddha

A Final Wrinkle

KtB’s own Laurel Snyder has a lovely remembrance of Madeleine L’Engle at Salon. “Nothing was enough for L’Engle,” Laurel writes. “As an author, she danced with demanding philosophical questions and…


Heady Days

There’s nothing particularly religious about the recent record-breaking sale of a jewel-encrusted platinum skull by Order Cheap Cialis the British artist Damien Hirst. Yes, its $100 million price tag may…

Mansur al-Hallaj hanged and stoned.

How to Make a Martyr

When a death becomes larger than life, memory hangs in the balance.

"I wanted to read the story about throwing the bride and groom to the dogs," she said. (My Antonia, bookplate detail)

You Must Draw a Long Bead to Shoot a Fish

A story of reading, dying, and being two things at once, from the new book Half/Life: Jew-ish Tales from Interfaith Homes.


The Cross and the Color Line

They killed King Jesus and Dr. King. Can anything ever be all right again?