Killing the Buddha

On Waiting

I am an expert on waiting. That doesn’t mean I’m good at it. On Twitter last night, Ibram X Kendi sagely compared his election feelings to the ones he had before cancer surgery. It’s true: very similar. Very life or death. But this morning, I can’t stop thinking about scans. Scans loom on the horizon…

Killing the Buddha


More rallies in New York City showing solidarity with the people facing upheaval and violence in the Middle East. Shameel Arafin, the photographer we introduced you to last week, was back out on the streets. Here are some images…

By F. Opper in Puck, 1881.

Yes, Mr. Kristof, This Is America

Why are we so surprised by our own bigotry?

Killing the Buddha

Death of a Gutenberg Nation

I find the great die-off of American newspapers one of the dullest subjects imaginable, because it’s almost universally discussed in dishonest terms. They’re not simply dying off; they’re committing suicide. Perhaps it’s time. Most long ago abandoned the radical mess of democracy for polite participation in establishment consensus. Sure, the biggest papers occasionally throw a…

Killing the Buddha

Whose Ink? Our Ink!

The question of who counts as the “religious left”—leave aside the matter of why we’re counting—is one that has vexed a great many journalists, leftists, and centrists of late. Daniel Schultz, aka “Pastor Dan,” has the latest if not the last word on Religion Dispatches, responding to a post by U.S. World and News‘ Dan…

August 31, 2005, from space.

The Last Nail

God and democracy four years after Hurricane Katrina.

Killing the Buddha

Silent Prayers

Why the state should not pray on September 11th.

Killing the Buddha

The Divine Economy

Faith-Based Initiative: “Will religion rule the White House, or is Bush offering an IPO of the Lord?”