The Shame Organ

Or, The Summer I Realized That The Grateful Dead Sucks

Too Much to Dream

Coming Down

A conversation with Peter Bebergal, an old co-author with a new book.

Photo of Ofelia Rivas by Jason Jacks for The Sierra Club.

Today Needs Another Name

This Columbus Day, the spirit of 1492 is alive and well.

Killing the Buddha

Eddie Izzard’s Comedy of Belief

As the progeny of a hippie college professor/Episcopal priest who dropped acid with Timothy Leary, I received an admittedly eclectic religious education. How many nine year olds can recite the…

"Mountains By Night" by Timitrius via Flickr

A Fresh End

He was supposed to go up and never come down.


The 2012ologists

Hollywood flies to Jackson Hole to hash out the apocalypse.


Albertson’s Chicken for the Soul

Hungry, homeless, and caught in the rainstorm of life.

"rave & ravers" by cinocino via Flickr

Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts

The voice of the spirit world descends into an underworld.

Noemi Vagus, an Ashaninka shaman, standing in front of an Ayahuasca vine in the Peruvian Amazon

Meeting the Madre

A night high on ayahuasca with the Ashaninka of the Peruvian Amazon.

illustration by W. David Powell


On learning to inhale, and a breeze of insignificance. Another excerpt from Greg Bottoms’ new book, Fight Scenes


Anointing the Sick

An altar boy grows up just in time to watch his mother die.


Zen Mind, Alkie Mind

Lust, Liquor, and Bill W.’s Elegant American Buddhism.