"The Fall of Man, after Hendrick Goltzius" by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com, via Flickr.

Edens Everywhere

It wouldn’t be paradise if it weren’t already lost.


Reverend Billy’s Church of Earthalujah!

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Kabul scarf.

The Kabul Scarf

It’s New Year’s Eve, and last night my colleague at Waging Nonviolence, Eric Stoner, returned safely from Afghanistan. He was there as a journalist and activist with an envoy of…

Killing the Buddha

Holy Mother of Bathsheets & the Clothesline Revival

KtB friend Alyce Santoro is at it again, with the simple wisdom of her ongoing Clothesline Revival: harness the advanced, clean, nuclear technology of the sun! This time, she’s taking…

Photo of Ofelia Rivas by Jason Jacks for The Sierra Club.

Today Needs Another Name

This Columbus Day, the spirit of 1492 is alive and well.

Killing the Buddha

Clothesline Revival


Not Too Polluted Now, Are We?

BALTIMORE July 26, 2010 – Since many of the world’s holy rivers are now too polluted for ritual use, Baltimore is offering a unique solution: use our Inner Harbor! “It’s…

Soleil de la Louisiane

Louisiana Coast: Return to Sender

Dear France, You’ve been good friends. Great friends! And all that trouble you’re having with the Muslims and stuff? We totally get that. We’ve got our own problems in that…


Look What We Have Done

What does it take for us to confront the damage we are causing? In recent weeks, the two most self-defeating sources of energy in the United States—coal and oil—have been…

Killing the Buddha

Do You Believe Oil Is Lighter Than Love?

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has engineers scrambling, environmentalists screaming through their tears, biologists getting their rubber gloves and cleaning supplies ready, the military finally being put…

Killing the Buddha

Oh Maker, Let Me Die

For those in search of eternal life, this short film by American director Ramin Bahrani, and enticingly narrated by Werner Herzog, will make you pause. For those on a fruitless…

Killing the Buddha

Abortion Issue: Solved!

Once we’re sufficiently full of plastics reproduction might cease anyway @ @

Keep it cool!

Keepin’ It Cool

Last week, I got all righteous and asked you to get off your fanny and do something about climate change. Today’s the day. 350.org has helped orchestrate something like 5,000…


Thou Shalt Not Abdicate

The godly get good on climate change.


When Gods Disappear

The brothers were racing for the sun. What brothers don’t create such fantastic games of competition and daring, even when they are gods? Especially if they are gods. Jatayu and…

Killing the Buddha

Thanks, Blue Mountain Center!


happy earth day, world.

“The grand show is eternal. It is always sunrise somewhere; the dew is never dried all at once; a shower is forever falling; vapor is ever rising. Eternal sunrise, eternal…

All photos by Munir Virani of the Peregrine Fund

The Bright Half of Bhadra

In the forests of Rajasthan resides the god of invisible things.