Killing the Buddha

The Heavenly BMW

Gawker, where KtB gets all its religion news, reports that police found Zachery Tims, Jr., pastor of New Destiny Christian Center, an 8,000-strong megachurch in Orlando, dead with what appeared…

"New Spirits"

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

Apparently it still sucks to be gay and evangelical.

Clouds and light facing west down the Beagle Channel. Photo by author.

The End of the Earth

Bringing the gospel where it isn’t really wanted.

Screening Room.

Mobilize and Contemplate

What’s spiritually at stake in The Tree of Life?

Detail of "Blood drainage," from the series "Sangre Menstrual" by gaelx, via Flickr.

Magic Menstrual Mummies

A boy discovers that there are right and wrong kinds of blood.

Harold Camping.

The Man Behind Judgment Day

An interview with Harold Camping, predictor of the end of the world.

Tom Evans. Photo by author.

Dead-End Job

Meet the publicist for the May 21st apocalypse.


How to Instigate a God Debate

Last week I had the chance to catch what was probably the biggest God debate of the year, in this genre of blockbuster, YouTubed, college-campus bouts. The topic was “Is…

Mark Almlie, 37, Petaluma, CA.


He wants to shepherd a flock of God’s people but can’t, ’cause he’s single. *Ahem.* “Those collars are kind of cool.”

"imperial surgical" by D'Arcy Norman, via Flickr.

Faith Healed

Surviving the unwelcome prayers of strangers.

"Nature's Paradise"

Let There Be (the Painter of) Light™

Doubting Thomas Kinkade.

"Empire State Building" by Johan Hansson, via Flickr.

Whose College?

God, money, and power beneath the Empire State Building.

Some obstacles persist.

Why Not Share?

Since Mary Valle’s digging through her archive, I’ll post something from my own: a workbook page from Youth for Christ’s DC ’91 “Congress on Youth Evangelism,” the occasion of my…

Mike Warnke's "Coming Home"

Wicked Funny

The pseudo-ex-Satanist Mike Warnke and me.

Killing the Buddha

Two Veterans of the Religious Right Agree: Christian Zionism is Not the Way of Jesus

A thousand new “housing” units are going up in East Jerusalem. And Christian Zionist support of the Jewish settlement movement in the Holy Land is under fire—from two former Religious-Right…

Killing the Buddha

Frank Schaeffer on the Mid-term Elections

Why did so many white Americans vote against their socio-economic interests in the mid-term elections? They were manipulated by “a Billionaire Lynch Mob” who “peddled a fear agenda,” Frank Schaeffer…

Killing the Buddha

Hipster Xians in Brooklyn

If you didn’t get enough Jay Bakker from Joseph Huff-Hannon’s “Happy Hour Gospel” last week, be sure to check out our friend Nicole Greenfield’s new essay at Religion Dispatches: “Cooler…

Jay Bakker from a Kenneth Cole ad.

Happy Hour Gospel

The Bakkers’ son has a church of his own—in the back of a Brooklyn bar.