Killing the Buddha

Science and Religion–Sibling Rivalry?

Marilynne Robinson shouldn’t make me mad. She is a lovely Midwestern fiction writer, with long white hair and a demure voice, whose lecture on Religion, Science, and Art my fellow KtB editor Quince Mountain and I had the privilege of listening to at last week’s University of Iowa conference “Futures and Illusions.” And yet, as…

Definitely not African.

Adam and Eve or Bust

You’ve probably heard about Professor John R. Schneider, who lost his job at Calvin College, a Christian school, for claiming that Adam and Eve could not have been real people. Science agrees that the number of genetic mutations it takes to go from from homo erectus to homo sapiens couldn’t have emerged from a population…

Ken Ham at the Creation Museum.

Open Letter to Ken Ham

Dear Mr. Ham, Thank you very much for your interest in my book, Paradise Lust: Searching for the Garden of Eden, which was reviewed this weekend in the Wall Street Journal. It is a singular honor to be mentioned by America’s leading young-earth creationist and the founder of the Creation Museum. My book explores many ideas about…

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The What of God?

A chat with Robert Wright on his new monster, The Evolution of God.