Killing the Buddha

Mormon Fashion Bloggers Speak

Mormons have been in the zeitgeist of late, what with Mitt running, the Book of Mormon winning Tonys, and The New York Times writing about Mormon hipsters. They’re so widely…

Chance Card

Shine On, You Crazy Diamonds

In a recent Guardian article about Italian Bishop Domenico Mogavero’s flash new Armani-designed liturgical duds, mention was also made of the Pope’s rumored penchant for Prada footwear. “The Vatican daily…

The Jorts of Freedom

Glenn Beck: Fashion and Principles

Glenn Beck recently threw a party for an “overwhelmingly white” crowd on the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech. I’m not going to make a…

Softening the glow of mystical illumination.

KtB Fall Fashion Tip #62: Eyewear for Luminaries

Nathan’s not the only KtB editor having trouble in the dating department. And if you think the OKCupid pickins are slim in NYC, imagine trying to find a suitable mate…

"Yeah, but don't you want to look good?"

How Do I Look?

As the old saying goes: If you’re not a slobby activist when you’re twenty, you don’t have a heart. If you’re not a fashion plate by thirty, it’s time to go shopping.

The Mirror and the Leash

The Mirror and the Leash

Private Lynndie England pictures fashion and fascism in Abu Ghraib.

“You will not wear upon yourself a garment made of two different kinds of materials.” -- Leviticus


Don’t blame Gap ads for the current trend in fashion. A look at the history of the Devil’s vogue.