"Talking Ayahuasca" by Ayahuasca_Pix via Flikr.


Feeling the Vision in Peru.

Photo by Rachel Signer.

Failing to Fast

Eating my way through Ramadan in Senegal.

"Luis and the Balloons" by Thomas Hawk

Letting Gravity Win

Four questions whose answers might save your life.

Lenten Fast

Meat: It’s What’s for Lunch

Dear Ross, It is not for me to judge another’s Lenten sacrifice; giving up cappuccinos or pedicures might really be a hardship for someone else. However, I was a little concerned about your admittedly “not-quite-Francis-of-Assisi”esque  quitting  of “meat for lunch” during Lent. Ross, do you eat meat for lunch every day otherwise? Really? It’s lunchtime…

"I realized I could follow the progress of my fast by keeping an eye on the moon every night..."

Hunger Is God’s Food

Praise the Lord and pass the leftovers—but not before the end of Ramadan.

Killing the Buddha

Muhammad and Mary, Up from Common Ground

Today, as Muslims begin fasting for the month of Ramadan, Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox Christians are breaking a fifteen-day fast for the Virgin Mary. This morning was a rare coincidence of lunar and solar calendars, of moon and sun passing in the almost light—the first pre-dawn meal prepared to get believers through a long August day…