11 Questions: Martha Moody by Susan Stinson

Buttery. Corporal. Reverent.



Longtime KtB contributor Gordon Haber has a new novella just published as an Amazon Kindle Single. It’s exciting… a romantic comedy about a young writer working as a teacher on…


Dear Nancy

People get cancer; mothers lose sons in war; babies die; but here she is, heartbroken because I sexted you, Nancy, a middle-aged hippie lady who writes bad slam poetry.


Is Any Thing Too Hard for the Lord?

Love is a straight path—with traffic.

Chava Rosenfarb

For Every Life Saved

The last Yiddish writer. A story from the newest book to come out of KtB, Sweet Heaven When I Die.

Killing the Buddha

“The famous, as we know, are nuts.”

Read “moving” and can’t get enough of Eileen Myles? Wanna know how to honor a dead poet and how to get hate mail that persists for a quarter century? (HINT:…



Once again, a woman is tempted by a snake.


The Ice King

An unexpected catch on Fish-O-Rama weekend.


John the Baptizer’s Second Act

The other day I received an unusual publicity letter from Alane Mason, a senior editor at W.W. Norton, enclosed with a copy of John the Baptizer, a recent novel by…

The author on the subway.

Postcards from My Chastity Pledge

Hell is other people’s multi-faith neighborhoods.

By egor.gribanov via Flickr

A Meaningful Story

From Essential Stories: God, Love, Death, Joy, Suffering, Beauty.

Inmaculada Concepción by Juan Antonio de Frías y Escalante (Wikimedia Commons).

A Movement in the Soul

From Essential Stories: The inconceivable immaculately conceived.

"rave & ravers" by cinocino via Flickr

Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts

The voice of the spirit world descends into an underworld.


The Passions of Khalifa Hakeem

A cub reporter gets on the bus with the Pakistani big boys.

David Plante

Essential Stories

I like to think of Blaise Pascal, though fiction didn’t much concern him, when trying to understand why fiction has more and more been reduced to details of quotidian life…

"Experimental Rain" by アラン via Flickr

The Meaning of Rain

From Essential Stories: Angels are weeping.

The Head of Christ by Warner Sallman

Jesus Saves

The way to eternal life through a dead-ringer for Christ.

Killing the Buddha

J.G. Ballard’s Pre-Posthumous Memoir

KtB contributor (Believer, Beware division) Mark Dery reviews the great J.G. Ballard’s latest and possibly last book, a “pre-posthumous memoir” titled Miracles of Life, for L.A. Weekly. “In response to…