Killing the Buddha

Pontifigate: The Movie

I’m turning in my film-reviewing credentials right now. Today. This instant. Because I never need to, nay, never will, see another movie again. Because I have been lucky enough to…

Killing the Buddha

Eddie Izzard’s Comedy of Belief

As the progeny of a hippie college professor/Episcopal priest who dropped acid with Timothy Leary, I received an admittedly eclectic religious education. How many nine year olds can recite the…

"Lost" season four promotional image.

Against Closure

Why television’s Lost should resist the urge to tell all.

A 2012 promotional wallpaper from Sony Pictures.

Long Count

Suffering through 2012, Roland Emmerich’s take on a Mayan prophecy.


The 2012ologists

Hollywood flies to Jackson Hole to hash out the apocalypse.

Killing the Buddha

In Honor of 2012

Whoever rules the apocalypse rules the world. That’s why, in celebration of the release of the disaster flick 2012 today, Friday the 13th, we’ll be publishing a series of articles…

Killing the Buddha

Eden as Asylum

Lars von Trier’s Antichrist takes this reviewer through her soul’s own dark nights.


Dot-com Ramayana

I’ve finally gone and done it and seen Nina Paley’s remarkable animated film Sita Sings the Blues, an adaptation of the great Indian epic the Ramayana juxtaposed with a story…


Silent Infidelity

Lust and love in the Mennonite Church.


The Best Books Media of 2008

Forget the standard litany of the best-selling books and most popular movies…

Killing the Buddha

Death & Virtue: Billy & Woody

We here at KtB had an interesting weekend, quite by accident spending some time with a couple of unexpectedly complementary classics: After Virtue and Love and Death. The former, Alasdair…

Whose passion exactly are we're talking about here?

Whose Passion?

How Mel Gibson turned the blood of Christ into a marketing plan.

“What kind of messiah claims to be the One and then insists on suffering and dying?”

One Baaad Messiah

Neo-Christian longings and the satisfaction of kung-fu saviors.

Science fiction is the very matrix of this film for most viewers -- the world that has been pulled over their eyes

Gnosis Reloaded

A high-tech, kick-ass, stylish action movie franchise masquerades as a 2,000-year-old mystical revelation. Or is it vice versa?

“[Streisand] is much more beautiful than ‘pretty’ people…. The banality of mere prettiness is a blight on American movies.”

The Long Moan

What did Pauline Kael really think about Jews on film anyway?

Nicolas Cage as Charlie Kaufman

Punctuated Equilibrium

In Adaptation, the evolution of art occurs in fits and starts — and is never free of the hand of its creator.

“As bad as it gets.”

Schmidt Happens

Sold your soul? Buy it back for $22.

Leonardo DiCaprio, catching God if he can

Gods of New York

America began in the streets — with religious violence.