A Vegan Fast

Christos anesti. Over the years I’ve used the season of Lent as a sort of laboratory for experiments with truth. Perhaps that’s not the most properly penitential way to go…

Killing the Buddha

Frogmore Stew for All

What would you do if you were to plan your Last Supper? And would it include Women Rockers of the ’80s Volume II?


When Hunger Can’t Be Fed

Remembering to eat, and live, when the stuff of life becomes unpalatable.

"The bread, I learned, was baked by the people I took communion with..."

Take This Bread

An unlikely convert learns that believing and understanding don’t always arrive at the same time.


Kosher Cooking for What Ails You

When the going gets tough, the tough get to Mrs. Greenbaum’s kitchen.

Legionella Bacterium


A prayer before meals—those we eat, and those we are.

The Great Crowd

Who Wants to Live Forever?

There’ll be pie in the sky when you die — but what if there’s not enough to go around?

Killing the Buddha

Fast Food Buddha

Hungry for enlightenment, an American Buddhist on retreat in Burma bites off more than she can chew.

A bushel and a peck.


Chew on this. How do we keep our faith when the sun, like love, abandons us?

Killing the Buddha

Tofu and War Gods

At a Chinese-food restaurant devoted to a god of war, wisdom and compassion are best served vegetarian-style.

Killing the Buddha

I Ate Dirt

With a little bit of God mixed in, even dirt tastes good.

Killing the Buddha

Sweet Dreams

If these beans could talk: the divine prehistory of chocolate.

Killing the Buddha

White Challah

“One day a neighbor broke the leg of a stray dog with a heavy stone, and when Vasil saw the sharp edge of the bone piercing the skin he cried.”

Killing the Buddha

God’s Hors D’Oeuvres

Hot and healthy Christ Cookies do the body good.

Killing the Buddha

The Doctrine of Sugar

Chocolate, cherry pie, and all that can’t be left behind.

Killing the Buddha

Mmm, Doughnuts

Looking for an effective way to get your militant evangelical point across? Try fried goodness. They’re holy.