The Masons Are Still Segregated?

Much of the response to my article from last week on Dan Brown and Freemasonry has focused on the questions of race in the fraternity. As one reader said of his experience with Masonry, “I was told the Freemasons don’t care what color, race or nationality you are.” In fact, a man of any ethnicity…

Initiation of an apprentice Freemason around 1800.

Modernity’s Fraternity

Why the new Dan Brown book is a love letter to the Freemasons.


A Symbologist Speaks!

In my Religion Dispatches essay this week about Angels & Demons, I make a crack about the nonexistence of the hero’s stated academic discipline, “symbology.” But maybe I’m wrong. I think I’ve just found a symbologist. Trolling around on the Internet today, I found this Canadian Masonic website which denies the conventional wisdom that the…