Tin Anniversary Spectacular poster by Danica Novgorodoff.

Be a Tin Anniversary Sponsor!

Can’t make it to the December 7th Tin Anniversary Spectacular in Brooklyn? Well, there’s still an opportunity to show your support for Killing the Buddha. Become a sponsor of the…


501(c)(3) Campaign Ends with Stunning Success

For the past week, we’ve been urging your generosity for our 501(c)(3) Campaign, and the response has been truly gratifying. KtB readers, long-time and short-time alike, stood up and supported…


The 501(c)(3) Campaign: Go Home with KtB!

Give to KtB now and receive Marilynne Robinson’s latest novel, as well as our new anthology, Believer, Beware!


Just What You’ve Been Waiting For

After a bit of a hiatus, Killing the Buddha‘s humble donation page is back in action, with a PayPal button and everything! We run this site as volunteers, and it…