gender and sexuality

Sarkozy by Môsieur J. [version 3.0a] via Flickr


Nicholas Sarkozy takes her burqa-ed consort for a walk in Paris.

Killing the Buddha

Chuck Colson’s Heavenly Man Cave

Over in Christian Post, Christian Right leader — and Watergate felon — Chuck Colson offers a glimpse of his idea of Heaven: Nothing but sweet man-flesh as far as the…

sodomy promotion

NJ Man Disrupts Satan’s Plot

Jewish Taskforce: Get out there! I need more sodomy in the human population! Sodomy! You know: Oral, anal— stuff like that. Promote the hell out of it!  What? Damnit! One…

Killing the Buddha

Ladies and Gays and Gay Ladies!

The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles would like to serve notice to the rest of the Church and the worldwide Communion of believers: It. Is. On. (Bitches!)

Gay Marriage: A Threat to a Religious Society!

Right Now in New Jersey

How many men does it take to hold a sign so sheepishly?

Killing the Buddha

Lee Brundige’s Gay Honeymoons, Inc.

Alex? José? Nice to meet yuh. Sorry, no shake-o the hands-o. Flu season. Got a real nice package deal right here. To Uganda. Beautiful country. You fellas’ll love it, I…

Killing the Buddha

Flipper, Beak, Nostril etc.

“We are talking about anal sex. Not even animals do that,” Butoro said, adding that he was personally caring for six “former homosexuals” who had been traumatised by the experience.…

Killing the Buddha

Mormon Make Out

This needs no introduction, except to say press play, go do something for thirty seconds, and then return to quiver in the mixture of mirth and horror.

Killing the Buddha

You’re Being Way Too Patriarchal

At Hampshire College, in a Critical Approaches to European History class, one of my fellow women—we were not girls—raised her hand and complained that the class was too Eurocentric. Was…

Killing the Buddha

Just Toss the Used Ones on the Floor

“They said they went after girls with low self-esteem, prior sexual experience and a lack of options.” America: land of the free home of the brave mass incubator of potential…

Killing the Buddha

Queering Schism: Mad Lib Notes from a Recent Yale LGBT Studies Conference

How and why, we ask, has homosexuality come to serve as a flash point for so many local and global conflicts? Fill in the following 18 blanks with a word…

Killing the Buddha

The Christian Right’s Heart for Africa

I’ll be joining African gay activists on Canada’s morning affairs show, “The Current,” tomorrow morning at 8:30 am eastern to discuss Uganda’s soon-to-be-law “Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009,” which will impose the…

Killing the Buddha

Thoughts detected above Ratzinger’s HQ

That damned American Sister Formation Movement was surely the work of Satan— Only Lucifer could possibly think that sisters needed higher education For what? Teaching brats? Cleaning bedpans? Polishing chalices?…

Killing the Buddha

Sentimental Repression

It has been a welcome relief from the busy romantic adventures of a single fellow in his mid-twenties in New York City, with my cellular phone by happenstance out of…

Believer Beware

Cowboy for Christ

From Believer, Beware: Gender-bending love at Christian camp.

"between the sheets" by ***j9*** via Flickr


From Essential Stories: What is the essence of being?

By kian Elyassi Bakhtiari, via Wikimedia

Stop Looking at Me Like That

In search of the new Muslim woman.

Hojo-san & Myo-e by Tenku via Flickr

Zen and the Art of Hostessing

After all, Buddhist monks are men too.