Killing the Buddha

You Said the N-word!

We knew that publishing Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou’s “Gays Are the New Niggers” would make some waves. It came to us, in fact, because others (perhaps rightly) were reluctant to…

Bayard Rustin in 1963

Gays Are the New Niggers

40 years after the Stonewall riots, what Bayard Rustin means for American democracy.

Killing the Buddha

Unusual Suspects

Dan Gilgoff explains why the Sotomayor nomination hearings may not be so predictable after all on his U.S. News and World Report blog, God and Country. In The Guide, the…

Robert Helpman as the Child Catcher

2009 Vulgaria Child Catcher of the Year

It’s always a treat when a Killing the Buddha writer receives recognition for their work. KtB contributors have been winners or finalists for the National Book Award, the National Book…

Left to right: Bertrand, an unidentified friend, Sister Benen Kent and Britten in 1967.

Shattered Faith in Two Parts

Women victims are the latest to find a voice in the Catholic abuse scandal, but who will listen to their song?

Killing the Buddha

A Sigh of Relief

We just got a powerful letter from “Gabe.” Messages like this make all our Buddha killing feel worthwhile: I have just read the article, “[Shattered Faith in Two Parts],” and…

Killing the Buddha

Also, the Crucifixion Was Really Just a Carpentry Mishap

Arguing against hate crimes legislation that would protect queer folks, Representative Virginia Foxx (R., NC) says that Matthew Shepard was simply the victim of a robbery gone wrong, and that…


The Good, The Bad and Bumping Uglys

Some thoughts on masturbation, Mailer, and the Good Book.

Killing the Buddha

Mary Gaitskill’s Private Theology

William Deresiewicz offers a damning assessment of one of my favorite contemporary authors, Mary Gaitskill, in The Nation. The problem, he says, is religion. Gaitskill has always been a religiously…

By Gurumustuk Singh via Flicker

Devotion Commotion

The ambivalent state of the acolyte.

Jonathan Rundman

Heartland Liturgy

Rocking out to hymns and ordaining gay pastors: an interview with Lutheran singer-songwriter Jonathan Rundman.

Killing the Buddha

Not That Kind of Girl

Carlene Bauer does not care for the new biography of Flannery O’ Connor by Brad Gooch: Aquinas is described as having “lofty, lucent prose” — which is like saying Plato…


Victory Through Daughters

An exclusive excerpt from Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement from Beacon Press.

Killing the Buddha

On Our Knees

Barack Obama evidently thought mega-pastor Rick Warren had words of wisdom for the nation worthy of Obama’s inauguration. But what would Warren say to the Obamas if they came to…

Sima's Undergarments for Women

Perfect Breasts

She finds the right bras for the right breasts. In Brooklyn. Underground.

Austria, 25,000 BCE

Who Are These Women?

Along the ramparts of the Brooklyn Museum’s Sackler Center for Feminist Art, there is a small exhibition of ancient female figurines, among them the oldest sculpture in the museum’s collection.…

Young Lovers

Where’s the Love?

Indian canoodling couples face the wrath of the Sri Ram Sene.

Killing the Buddha

Gay Liberation Theology

Brian K wrote to us with some love and suggestions: I love you guys.  I have a quick question or two: 1. Do you have any gay representation in KtB?…