In bloom peach tree orchard in western Colorado.


A drama in three vignettes.

Definitely not African.

Adam and Eve or Bust

You’ve probably heard about Professor John R. Schneider, who lost his job at Calvin College, a Christian school, for claiming that Adam and Eve could not have been real people.…

"The Fall of Man, after Hendrick Goltzius" by Mike Licht,, via Flickr.

Edens Everywhere

It wouldn’t be paradise if it weren’t already lost.


An Eden Full of Dudes

The end is the beginning is the end (that’s a Smashing Pumpkins line), and all are in Eden. Today at Religion Dispatches, Brook Wilensky-Lanford and I talk about her brand…

Still from The Tree of Life

Visualizing the Cosmos

Terrence Malick and an imaginary history of the universe.

Killing the Buddha

Let There Be Pixels…

In the beginning, there was 8-bit animation. Just in time for B’resheet, find out what God used to do with His infinite time:

In the beginning...

Crumb’s Genesis

Keep on truckin’ in the Garden of Eden.