In bloom peach tree orchard in western Colorado.


A drama in three vignettes.



“Man’s best chance of finding God is to look in the place where he left him.” —Meister Eckhart

Thoughts & Prayers

Thoughts and Prayers

People say “I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers” all the time. I have said it myself; I also say “I am thinking of you,” or, occasionally, “I…

Detail from a drawing of <em>Lesende Mönche</em>, a sculpture by Ernst Barlach. All drawings by the author.

What Proofs about God Really Prove

Beyond the yes-or-no question.

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Your Belief Here

The lack of God in Unitarianism was its saving grace for me.


Accidental Gods

“…it is impossible for human nature not always to love something.”

From the Guardian, 1856.

Napoleon’s God Vote

Something marvelous from the archives of the Guardian, from 1856:

Killing the Buddha

Two Big New God Debates

You may not be as big a fan of debates about the existence of God as I am (I’m writing a whole book about them), but maybe you care enough…


God, Live From The Beacon

My dad came home the other night to find my mom and me watching the live broadcast of the Elton John/Leon Russell concert from New York City’s Beacon Theater. His…

"Saving God" by Mark Johnston.

The God of This World

Isn’t it obvious that God, or at least our idea of God, needs saving as much as we do? He—forgive me if necessary for saying “He”—has been run through the…

Killing the Buddha

Divine Simplity and OkCupid Complexity

If I’ve gotten my zero dollars’ worth from my OkCupid membership, it’s for the data more than the dates. (My scientist uncle suggests that five dates would be an adequate…

"Croik Church, pulpit" by Lee Carson, via Flickr

Faithful Apostasy

What do the “preachers who are not believers” not believe?

My God

Mel’s God

My God by Mel Calman New York: William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1971 I know. I’ll pitch a book of my little drawings of God thinking about funny things… yes……

Killing the Buddha

The Uses of God

Sometimes I have this dream. It’s a kind of party in the afterlife, and all of my friends are there. Not just my friends, but their best friends, too, like…

Killing the Buddha

Hooky Luncheon

Yesterday I was eating lunch with my six-year-old daughter, her friend, and her friend’s mother. We were all playing hooky. We got into some talk about God (I didn’t prompt…

"First God Sighting" by Leland Paul via Flickr

You Call That God?

Why Karen Armstrong’s Case for God isn’t one.

Santa Claus

The Irrelevance of Proof to the Holiday Spirit

I’ve got a zany new essay at Religion Dispatches today about a lecture earlier this week in Brooklyn, “A Philosophical Proof of Santa Claus.” Jamie Hook, the evening’s presenter, did…

'infinite lights' by LiveFromAmsterdam via Flickr

Why I Don’t Pray

God just might not be that kind of God.