Montana Plate by Spappy.joneS

Stupaking the States

The latest twists and turns of the abortion debate.


Who’s Amish Now?

Is avoiding the health care mandate worth fastening your clothes with straight pins?

Killing the Buddha

Hand-waving and Healing Energy

In today’s Providence Journal, KtB associate editor Alex Rose kills the Buddhas of the alternative medicine fads: I don’t mind the practice, or that acupuncturists assert that the practice works.…

Killing the Buddha

Plath and a Surgeon’s Knife and Pen

Part of our KtB retreat last week up at Blue Mountain Center involved leaping once again into the great conundrum — how to define Killing the Buddha? In ten words…

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A ferry ride into the fog of Alzheimer’s.

Killing the Buddha

Ars Moriendi

“To study philosophy,” wrote the French essayist Montaigne, “is to learn how to die.” In medieval times, particularly as the Black Death spread through Europe, the art of dying—ars moriendi—became…

Icon of Saint Simeon the One-Eyed Tanner

Wayward Sheep

More schooled than churched, she wanted to try dying to the self, to grope for the Spirit under the water, and come up in grace. It was more awkward than that.


Kosher Cooking for What Ails You

When the going gets tough, the tough get to Mrs. Greenbaum’s kitchen.


Anointing the Sick

An altar boy grows up just in time to watch his mother die.