An image of worshipers at Chottanikkara Temple

Goddess Therapy

When conventional medicine and therapy fail, some turn to the goddess.

Bharath Joshi

Whose ‘India First’?

Baba Ramdev’s incarnation of history in the recent election.

Venkat Srinivasan

A Tribute To Thanjavur

In South India, everyone’s paying homage to somebody.

Excerpted from....

Stones As Social Media

Adapted from A History of Religion in 5 ½ Objects (Beacon Press, March 11th)

Sanofi Pasteur, via Flickr

Protecting India’s Children

New Delhi’s Police Commissioner has a role, whether he admits it or not.


On Not Leaving Kashmir

The boatman barely flicked his wrist, yet we moved forward in a terrifically straight line. How was he doing it?

Killing the Buddha

Praying for Ice

Pilgrims in India long for the cold.


Burning Faith

A Sultan, a mystic, and a volcano vie for power in Indonesia.


Om. Hindu. Huh?

Yoga. Fifteen million practitioners in the United States…and not one unified position on what exactly yoga is. What a surprise! And yet the debate rages on, among Southern Baptists and Orthodox…


The Afterlife, The Aftermath

When a grandmother’s ghost says go, you go.


The Dark Side of the Festival of Lights

I knew something was changing in India when I arrived for Diwali about ten years back and some of my nephews were boycotting the five-day Hindu Festival of Lights. While…

Killing the Buddha

Judgement for Ayodhya

Today, the Allahabad High Court in Lucknow, India announced its decisions in the Babri Masjid case, the controversial site that both Muslims and Hindus lay claim to in Ayodhya. Among other…

Killing the Buddha

Killing the Crab-Buddha on MasterChef

To some extent, the goal of all reality TV competitions is to make their contestants uncomfortable. The stress is sometimes physical (how many cockroaches can you eat?) and sometimes mental…

Photo by CS Muncy.


“People were getting auctioned up on stage but I didn’t see anything I wanted nor did I think I should be for sale.”


The Day Mumbai Unraveled

We’re pleased to share in celebrating the success of NonProphet Status’ Share Your Secular Story essay contest. This is the second of two winning essays that we’ll feature here on…


The Lady Twilight – Part V

“You get here what you cannot find anywhere else: pure human beings.”


The Lady Twilight – Part IV

Manisha tells the story of how she came to the place of death.


The Lady Twilight – Part III

Time to feed the skulls.