Raleigh Protest-3

Religious Groups Stand With #BlackLivesMatter

In the aftermath of the police killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Tony McDade, people across the nation have organized marches, vigils, monument removals, and sit-ins to protest racialized police violence. Religious groups are among those raising their voices.


All in the Interfaith Family

Susan Katz Miller talks about “how to be the most joyful and creative and successful interfaith family you can be, whatever that looks like.”


When Wax Softens, Light Shines Through

Purchasing the little nativity scene convinced me that I had unfinished business with the religion of my youth.


Art in Dark Times: A (Made-Up) Solstice Ritual

Around this time of year, I often find myself telling people about the mixture of holidays I grew up celebrating as a child. My back-to-the-land hippie parents, one Jewish, one not, both fairly atheist, kept what they liked from their respective family traditions, and added some new ones of their own. My brother, sister, and…

Bridge in Cairo, January 28, 2011. Photo by Timothy Kaldas.


Hope, apprehension, and the revolution in Egypt.

Killing the Buddha

Shabbat and the Gospel Choir

There is exactly one day of the year when I make sure I get my ass to temple, and it’s not the day you’re thinking. Yom Kippur is too obvious and Rosh Hashanah is too mundane. But every year I go for the service commemorating Martin Luther King, Jr., the night where my synagogue acknowledges…

Killing the Buddha

What’s Your Calling?

If someone were to ask you what your calling was, what would you say? The facial expressions in the first ten seconds of this say it all: What’s Your Calling? is an online documentary project that exposes people and their passions, from the religious to the secular, and the profound to the mundane. It was…

"Repas de Notre-Seigneur et des apôtres" by James Tissot, c. 1886-1894. Brooklyn Museum.

Jesus and the Sukkah

Why did they have to build a church over Christ’s Table?

Abraham's Daughters

Three Religions, One Upcoming Play… and an Atheist

We’re excited to announce that this year’s New York International Fringe Festival will include Abraham’s Daughters, a play by Elissa Lerner, contributing editor over at KtB’s sister site, The Revealer. Here’s the gist of it: In what Priscilla Warner, co-author of The Faith Club, calls “an exciting addition to the interfaith dialogues that need to…

Killing the Buddha

Miss USA, Hyphenated

She stumbled a bit on her evening gown, but ended the night standing tall. Rima Fakih, a 24-year-old Lebanese immigrant from Dearborn, MI, won the Miss USA Pageant Sunday night. Although official pageant records are sketchy, Fakih likely became the first Arab-American to don the crown. Praise erupted for the minor, albeit significant, cultural milestone.…

Photo by Todd Ryburn

After the Bus Wreck

In which a half-Jew slaps some sensibility into would-be converters by encouraging worst-case scenarios.


Thou Shalt Not Abdicate

The godly get good on climate change.

Killing the Buddha

Beyond Belief

We received a letter first thing this morning regarding Nathan‘s new article in the Boston Globe. To Nathan Schneider: Your commentary, “Beyond Belief” in today’s Boston Sunday Globe caught my attention.  I read it with interest. Seminary was a late-in-life experience for me, my responding to a profound and undeniable spiritual “Call”. Ordained as a…


Happy JewBu Day

Today’s a big day. At sunset, Passover begins (stay tuned for a special piece publishing at that very moment!). And in Japan, it’s the Buddha’s birthday. What a wonderful coincidence (or dilemma?) for all the JewBus out there! I also know at least two people with birthdays today, and they’re both at least part Jewish…

Benedict XVI visits a mosque.

Let’s Pretend

A clash of civilizations, or a failure of the imagination?

"The songs seem to come from somewhere ancient and strange."

Four Tables

A Passover story of family and wine from Half/Life: Jew-ish Tales from Interfaith Homes.

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain Higher Power

Running low on enlightenment? Stock up at Colorado’s spiritual supermarket.

"Morning's Glory," by Heather Longprè

The Unbearable Lightness of Seeking

In Allegra Goodman’s new novel, a hair-to-her-hips camp counselor gets religion, but never really gets it.