Killing the Buddha

I Get the Hijab Thing Now

That’s funny. Drag protest against Iran. Huh. Those men in hijab, they’re sort of… interesting. Like, how you can only see that sliver of their faces? It’s kind of… mysterious.…

Sarkozy by Môsieur J. [version 3.0a] via Flickr


Nicholas Sarkozy takes her burqa-ed consort for a walk in Paris.

Killing the Buddha

Ingrate Rejects Hajj Souvenirs

What the hell kind of souvenirs are these? Caftans? Prayer beads? Dates? I was hoping you’d bring me a t-shirt or a keychain or at the very least, a plastic…

Killing the Buddha

Islam and the LDS are Closer Than We’d Like

We want to protect you, especially certain parts of you Please don’t throw yourself down stairs or drink Cytotec to kill your babies. Your wombs want life, Ms. Judillas of…

The author on the subway.

Postcards from My Chastity Pledge

Hell is other people’s multi-faith neighborhoods.

Killing the Buddha

Muslim Like Me

One night nearly a month ago, Aman Ali and Bassam Tariq had what Ali calls  “an insanely random idea: What if we prayed at a different mosque every single day…

Croissant de lune by Yann via Wikimedia Commons

Better Than a Thousand Months

The holiest night of the year for a Nuyorican Muslim.


The Taqwacores Book Launch in DUMBO

We just got word that there’s a new book about the Muslim-American punk scene, featuring photographs by Kim Badawi and a foreword by KtB contributor Michael Muhammad Knight. There’s going…


The Passions of Khalifa Hakeem

A cub reporter gets on the bus with the Pakistani big boys.

By kian Elyassi Bakhtiari, via Wikimedia

Stop Looking at Me Like That

In search of the new Muslim woman.

"I realized I could follow the progress of my fast by keeping an eye on the moon every night..."

Hunger Is God’s Food

Praise the Lord and pass the leftovers—but not before the end of Ramadan.

Killing the Buddha

Muhammad and Mary, Up from Common Ground

Today, as Muslims begin fasting for the month of Ramadan, Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox Christians are breaking a fifteen-day fast for the Virgin Mary. This morning was a rare coincidence of…


Jesus Plus Nothing, Minus Somalia

How Christian fundamentalism helped turn Somalia into the next staging ground for Islamic radicalism.

Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney at prayer

The Full Armor of God

Donald Rumsfeld took the LORD’s name in vain.

Killing the Buddha

This Progamming Brought to You by the F.B.I.

There’s little question that the four men arrested for plotting a series of terror attacks north of New York City are creeps. One’s a purse snatcher who collects urine. Another…

Killing the Buddha

Big in Somalia

Online Somali pirates have hijacked my May Harper’s feature, “Jesus Killed Mohammed,” excerpted “exclusively” (no more) here on Killing the Buddha. A publication called Garowe has re-published the piece —…

Killing the Buddha

The Muslim Plot to Conquer America (Through Basic Human Decency)

The United States’ first Muslim congressman, Keith Ellison of Minnesota, was arrested about an hour ago along with seven other activists protesting the Muslim government of Sudan’s expulsion of foreign…

The man called Allah

The Man I Call Allah

Allah was born on February 22, 1928. His mother named him Clarence.