The Head of Christ by Warner Sallman

Jesus Saves

The way to eternal life through a dead-ringer for Christ.


Jesus Is Just Alright

A crack in Kevlar cynicism reveals a time of tripped out mysterium tremendum in Southern California. A new excerpt from the new KtB collection, Believer, Beware.

Killing the Buddha

Bread of life à la James Beard

The body of Christ is best enjoyed with great lashings of butter and thinly sliced onions (More at Instant Poetry)

Christ, detail from Crucifixion, by Cimabue (active 1270-1302)

Heart Failure

Jesus on the cross is one thing, but her father is another.

Killing the Buddha

Truly It is a Good Friday

Chemo and pulling ivy are far preferable to incense, stations and kissing the cold feet of Jesus.


The Tweets of the Christ

I’ve got a new little piece at Religion Dispatches this morning about last Friday’s Twitter passion play hosted by Trinity Church, that ancient place located at the top of Wall Street. “If you look in the scripture,” explains Linda Hanick, Trinity’s V.P. of communications and marketing, “the last words of Jesus are almost written in…

Killing the Buddha

Happy Easter from Cornel West

Every religious tradition has been tied into various forms of domination and subjugation. Every religious tradition has been manipulated and bastardized by elites to try to control believers. At the same time, there are always prophetic elements, dimensions, and slices of religious tradition that stand in opposition to the powers that be. Christianity itself came…

By JeDi58 via Flickr

Woman, Behold Your Son

What’s so good about Good Friday, anyway?

Killing the Buddha

Ann Rice’s Jesus

The new issue of the n+1 book review, N1BR, just came out, and it includes a lovely essay on Anne Rice: Four years ago after writing twenty-one books about vampires, witches, mummies, psychic humans, and pleasure slaves (there were five books of erotica, under pseudonyms), she progressed one step further on the ladder of heroes.…


Found in Translation

A faith found in Tulsa translates to Berlin

George W. Bush and his "chief enabler."

The Gospel According to Dubya

What would Jesus do… about the president invoking his name?

Whose passion exactly are we're talking about here?

Whose Passion?

How Mel Gibson turned the blood of Christ into a marketing plan.

Photographs by Joanna Ebenstein

Jesus Kitsch, My Lord and Savior

In the woods behind a West Virginia monastery, a writer and a photographer ask an age-old question: Is bad art good religion?

Cash backstage in an undated photo.

The Gospel According to Johnny Cash

Was the Man in Black our own personal Jesus?

“What kind of messiah claims to be the One and then insists on suffering and dying?”

One Baaad Messiah

Neo-Christian longings and the satisfaction of kung-fu saviors.

Piss Christ (detail), Andre Serano, 1989

His So-Called Life

Pogroms, plagues, Jesus books… ‘Tis the season.

"School is a fluid society… It can be no more than what we want it to be."

A Truancy Officer’s Tale

Jesus says kids had better stay in school—or he’ll send Robert Milner to bust their asses.

Poppa needs a new pair of shoes.

Holy Rollers

An after-Christmas story of dice, death, and love at the craps table.