O Lord, Give Me

Found myself uttering a prayer the other day — inspired by Carolyn Browender’s Lenten prayer initiative no doubt! O Lord, give me the strength to lift a thousand million Pintos * In the aural traditions of my people, there exists a tale of a mother who singlehandedly hoisted a flaming Ford Pinto off of her…

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The Very Tan Lint Van

What is Lint all about? It’s hard to explain, but this photo (taken on the Second Sunday of Lint) might provide some illumination. I photographed this van because it was a very tan van. When I looked at the photo later, I realized the van was a portal to other (possibly simultaneous) realities. There appears…

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Lint is a time when we celebrate the generative power of our twin suns and Great Crater, from whence all water flows. It’s a fun time to take pictures, draw and listen to music. Here’s a photo I recently took in a church kitchen. Thanking people for not doing things they aren’t doing: that’s the…

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Before Rick Springfield publicly coveted his friend Jessie’s girl, he turned his attention upward. To the sky, but he wasn’t talking to the air. He was talking to the Lord. Then the world looked better! Speak to the Sky is a Linten classic — enjoy! His gentle God-rock reaches through time and space  


Fuzz Wednesday!

Did you know? Today marks the first day of Lint, an alternate-reality version of Lent. Fuzz Wednesday marks the yearly spring shedding of cats’ winter coats onto our coats. I’m combing my kitty Timmy now so I’m ready for tomorrow. We villagers will deposit our cat fuzz in the Sacred Pewter Urn. Then we will…