Photo Credit Amanda Waldroupe

To Breathe for A Spell

I have never been more aware of my breath, of the simple act of breathing, than I have in this last year. The ability to inhale air and exhale carbon dioxide and other gases is a bodily function I rarely give thought to.


Meditating with My Father’s Friends

We were all there for the same purpose—to understand our own suffering and maybe find some relief.


A Project of Patient Endurance

Running and the spiritual life.

windyroad[Editor's note: you can read about Ashley's experience with biking as a "survivor" in the 2014 Closer to Free ride here. She has written more about cancer and her work with refugees here and in her KtB e-book <em>You Were Strangers: Dispatches From Exile</em>.]

Easter, A Bright Sadness

Death is a kind of light.


The Buddha Loves Boundaries

Being in the moment doesn’t mean they can punch you in the face.


Jesus the Guru

What happens when Christ collides with Krishna?

Brianna Sacks

Taking the Easy Way

American perfectionism, meet meditation.

Cancer Cannot.

Doggerel Fails Me

An excerpt from the new e-book Cancer Doesn’t Give a Shit About Your Stupid Attitude.


Gym Class Zen

An ode to pain.


Army of Monk

The fighting, silent warrior-monk draws me closer.


Home Taping Is Skill in Buddha

We are musicians, sampling his breaks, writing our own songs hundreds of times.

"Marina Abramović, The Artist Is Present, 2010" by 16 Miles of String, via Flickr.

The Artist’s Present

Waiting in line at the MoMA for Marina Abramović.


Abandoned Souls

Photographing spaces of enforced meditation at Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary.

Small buddha statues at the Oeosa temple, Pohang, South Korea.

Breakin’ It Down

A meditation on ass-shaking.

by bamakodaker via flickr

Christian Dojo

A high kick to the anti-Christian tendencies of an aspiring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Killing the Buddha

Corpse Posing to ‘Beat It’

Some of my best thoughts have happened when I was supposed to be emptying my mind. Like yesterday, lying on my back, limbs limp, ankles and shoulders trying to relax…

Killing the Buddha

Everyone’s a Bad Meditator, It Seems

Despite all our efforts to overcome our name, we can’t seem to help being a really good Buddhist magazine. The letters of appreciation for Ted Weinstein’s “Ways I Have Been…


Ways I Have Been a Bad Meditator

Itch. Sex. Shush!