Life After People on the History Channel

Smell You Later, Jesus

Sometimes odd things cheer me up. Sometimes I get into moods, OK? Maybe sometimes I get into certifiable mood disorders which may or may not be detailed in the DSM-IV?…

Gabriela Camerotti via Flickr


A ferry ride into the fog of Alzheimer’s.

Killing the Buddha

Converting Vegetarians

First, a soundtrack. Our new friend Videoboy Matt’s song “

Reflection of the Angel Caido in Madrid, based on the fallen angel in Milton's <em>Paradise Lost</em>

Jack, Jill, Todd, Darren

The truth is on another channel.

Andre mural from Fellowship Place, painted by Erin Drake.

The Real Truth About Alien Abductions

The over-drugged and under-loved make their own way in the world, even when the FBI tries to make them forget.