Baptisms for the Dead

When is a choice not a choice?

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Crapping My Sacred Underwear

The Lord literally covers the asses of his children.

God's Recycling

Possible Future Child-Slavery Plans

“… minutes after witnessing the marriage of his 15-year-old daughter in Nevada, the 41-year-old Oler collected a 15-year-old bride of his own and took her home to Bountiful.” (source) Warren Jeffs, under fire for his part in a possible Canadian girl-smuggling operation, may have had other plans as well, as revealed by notes in his…

Killing the Buddha

A Sin One Way or Another

Megan from California writes the following in response to Hillary White’s essay, “Cutting it Out”: I’m wondering if Hillary White is my “less active” (Mormon term for those who have left the faith) doppleganger.  Citing Amistad and George Eliot? Two of my favorites—I think we could be friends! I want to thank her for her…

The Real Winner

Steelers/Ravens Playoff Religion Update

This weekend’s Steelers/Ravens playoff game in Pittsburgh will feature more than the two teams, bitter rivals, representing formerly glorious postindustrial American cities. We will also witness the athletic feats of two serious religious practitioners. For the Steelers: safety Troy Polamalu, a devotee of the Greek Orthodox monk Elder Ephraim, with whom he has met in…

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Jesus in Space

Mormon astronauts: take me with you!

Killing the Buddha

Are All Mormons Censors?

Jonathan in Utah writes, regarding Hillary White’s essay “Cutting It Out“: Interesting dissection on your views of edited films. I would suggest to maintain the integrity in you article it would be beneficial to distinguish the actions of individuals from actions of the official organization “the Church.” You use the phrase “the Church” many times…

Killing the Buddha

Cleanflix the Movie

Hey, guess what? If you liked Hillary White’s essay, “Cutting It Out,” maybe go out and see the movie version. Andrew James and Joshua Ligairi released a documentary last year called Cleanflix that portrays the world that Hillary was talking about—including the landmark speech by the Mormon president, Ezra Taft Benson in 1986.

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Cutting It Out

Watching movies with Mormons.

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Car Culture Audio

The purposeless driven life of Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs.

Glenn Beck in tears.

Brother Beck Presents

Glenn Beck’s Mormon masterpiece theater.

Warren Jeffs' Diary

God Made my Sister Pretty for a Reason!

In a KtB exclusive, we present a few actual pages from the diary of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs:


Wet Prairie Dress Contest

I keep thinking that we should really get a subscription to National Geographic. My daughter, who is 6, has a great love of the natural world and everything scientific and historical. In the go-to stack of books next to her bed are volumes on Darwin, early education in America and the Harvard Home Medical Guide.…

Killing the Buddha

Orrin Hatch Sings Hanukkah!

Aw, the Jews! God loved ’em and so do I! They’re so cute, they don’t even realize that God’s made a new and new new covenant with us! And look at all these nifty old-fashionedy things they got! These mezuzim and the Torah! It’s like they’re lost in time! And darn if they aren’t real…

Killing the Buddha

Mormon Make Out

This needs no introduction, except to say press play, go do something for thirty seconds, and then return to quiver in the mixture of mirth and horror.

Killing the Buddha

Studying Mormons at Harvard

I would personally like to offer a prize* to the first scholar to complete a thorough dissertation on the young Saint and true heroine, Miss Elizabeth Smart @ *The prize is the Mary Valle Award for Contemporary Scholarship in Sainthood** **Which is a poem in your honor and three shiny quarters

Killing the Buddha

Islam and the LDS are Closer Than We’d Like

We want to protect you, especially certain parts of you Please don’t throw yourself down stairs or drink Cytotec to kill your babies. Your wombs want life, Ms. Judillas of the world; we want the lives that your wombs will provide. Be not selfish, like those American and European women with their abortifacient and feticidal…

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There Is No Such Thing as Half

What comes out when a Mormon and a Jew raise a kid?