Days Like Dominoes

Days Like Dominoes

My thoughts these days are fraught, frazzled little things still precious even though they are as clumsy and malleable as the playdough jewels my daughter likes to shape. 


Faith Enough

Visions come at the worst possible time.


The Motherly Rituals of Back-to-School

September 4, 2014. First day of school. There is silence in the house. Only the click of the old clock announcing time at every second. Time. Children make it seem so frugal. I am a mother. The relentless pursuit of paying attention, doing chores oriented toward my children’s livelihood, the pettiness of the routine day…


If A Jewish Girl Falls into the East River…

…does she make a sound?

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Acts of Faith

I’d think to myself, this time I’ll thank her for taking the leap of faith that led to my birth. But always within a minute of our meeting, she’d say my boots were clunky and I had a bad haircut.

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A Little Song I Wrote

People won’t buy Bobby McFerrin’s new album if they think he’s a Jesus freak. I was called upon to testify.

Killing the Buddha

Baby Stealers

Buddha killer Kathryn Joyce presents a chilling story in this week’s Nation: “Shotgun Adoption,” an investigation of the use of anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy centers” to coerce unmarried pregnant women into giving their children to wealthier Christian couples. And it’s even creepier than that — maintain CPCs, as they’re called, maintain luxurious pregnancy homes for the…

Killing the Buddha

Mothers We Have Known

Killing the Buddha celebrates Mother’s Day this year with Elizabeth Wildman’s “Big Fat Jewish Pregnancy” and Kathryn Joyce’s acceptance speech for her 2009 Vulgaria Child Catcher of the Year Prize, awarded by the ultra-right Vision Forum organization in disgruntled recognition of Kathryn’s book about “Quiverfull” moms who bear as many children as they can, a…

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My Big Fat Jewish Pregnancy

One woman’s navel-gazing over the meaning of Jewish life.

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Woman, Behold Your Son

What’s so good about Good Friday, anyway?