"Confronted with the Gospel of John, I could not hide behind metaphor..."

Singing the Passion

A Jewish chorist tries to harmonize with the Gospel of John.

Will Oldham

When We Were Ambiguous

The almost-breaking point of Will Oldham.

Cash backstage in an undated photo.

The Gospel According to Johnny Cash

Was the Man in Black our own personal Jesus?

Gillian Welch, by James McKelvey, 2001

The Revelator

Gillian Welch is no holy roller, but she’s not lying when she sings about God.

"Michael Jackson belted as The Gnu and I danced in perfect, uncoordinated rhythm."

Dancing Queen

My first date was with the spiritual leader of 6th grade.

Love Me Do

Love Me Do

A meditation on love songs and the rhetoric of True Love.

He's much taller in person.

In Pop We Trust

Has Tom Cruise abandoned Scientology for Bob Dylan?


Save Me Somebody: Bruce Springsteen’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Covenant

The Boss will take you to the river if you help him get there.


Who Do You Love: The Gospel of Punk

Never mind the bollocks, here’s the Oblivians, evangelists of the holy party.