Killing the Buddha

It’s All Fun and Games Until Odin Gets Eaten by a Wolf

You may have seen the links going around. Certainly I have, though I guess I’m an obvious target. “Vikings of the World Unite: The Apocalypse is Upon Us.” “Viking apocalypse: End of the world predicted to happen on Saturday (but don’t cancel your weekend plans yet.)” Word on the street is that Ragnarök is scheduled…

Killing the Buddha

Human of Steel

How purist fans survive the wait for the new Superman.


Two Happy Stops Along the Greek Apocalypse

In the middle of the second millennium B.C., a dark cloud of noxious falling ash and a tsunami wave spread across the Mediterranean. It was enough to leave Minoan civilization—that of the Minotaur, of the bare-breasted snake goddess, of the palace at Knossos—in ruins. Some say the event might also have had some connection with…

Loki from the movie "Thor."

The Trouble with Loki

Watching your gods become action heroes in the movie Thor.


Gods Must Die to Live

I’ve been meaning to share this for a while; it’s an arresting passage from C. S. Lewis that came to me on a page sent to my by a friend, a Trappist monk, on the subject I’ve been touching on from time to time here (and here), truth and mythology: The gods—and, of course, I…

Mongolia_gobi03 by Alec East, via Flickr.

Only a God Can Save Us?

Peter Kingsley and the dangerous dream of a spiritual elite.

Aristotle gives teaching Alexander the college try.

Truth-ing Mythology

There’s this passage toward the end of the all-important book XII of Aristotle’s Metaphysics that I keep coming back to, one of those bits that reaches out of its antiquity and walks among us. Book XII is where Aristotle’s account of the world beyond physics reaches up from the chains of causes acting on causes…

Killing the Buddha

On Armstrong: Metaphorical Amnesia

In reference to Tibor Krausz’s review of The Case for God by Karen Armstrong, James from Washington State writes (he says, at 3 am): The discussion of Ka cialis uk ren Armstrong’s book brings to my mind the thoughts of the New Testament Jesus scholar Dom Crossan. He points out that the Age of Enlightenment…