Art in Dark Times: A (Made-Up) Solstice Ritual

Around this time of year, I often find myself telling people about the mixture of holidays I grew up celebrating as a child. My back-to-the-land hippie parents, one Jewish, one…

Killing the Buddha

Only the End of the World Again

I don’t think there’s much point in reiterating the genesis of this post; if you’re reading Killing the Buddha, I’m guessing that you’re exposed to the same media universe as…

"Spiritualism sign, College Street, Toronto" by gruntzooki via Flickr

Into the Weird

Mitch Horowitz unleashes America’s occult past.

Guercino (1591-1666), Personification of Astrology.

Astral Procrastination

Why is it so hard to face up to one’s astrological nature?


The 2012ologists

Hollywood flies to Jackson Hole to hash out the apocalypse.

Killing the Buddha

Predestination or Retroactively Suspicious Nomenclature?

James Arthur Ray— does your name seem sinister because of your amateur sweat lodge massacre? Or was it all over for you the minute your birth certificate was filled out?…

Killing the Buddha

Eureka Springs

Gumby the Christ figure looks over a small town in the Ozarks.

Killing the Buddha

Hand-waving and Healing Energy

In today’s Providence Journal, KtB associate editor Alex Rose kills the Buddhas of the alternative medicine fads: I don’t mind the practice, or that acupuncturists assert that the practice works.…

"rave & ravers" by cinocino via Flickr

Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts

The voice of the spirit world descends into an underworld.

Hecate, goddess of witches

You’re Not in Oz, Anymore

From Believer, Beware: the KtBniks meet a real witch in Kansas.

Las Vegas, Nevada. Built in 1938.

The False Science

Testing the limits of tolerance on a psychic’s new book.


Your Pathway to Personal Peace

Life Changers International saw fit today to include us on their “morning thought” email blast. Seems like more than one thought to me. Kind of a lot of mumbo-jumbo to…

An elf spotted recently on the New York City subway.

Elven Like Me

They don’t just make cookies anymore — elves and other changelings are

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain Higher Power

Running low on enlightenment? Stock up at Colorado’s spiritual supermarket.