Happy Birthday, Gordon and Poland!

It’s Gordon Haber’s birthday, and he’s giving you a gift. Several years back, we published his brief dispatch from Poland called “The Only Jew For Miles.” I noticed very quickly that marble is hard on the knees. Presumably, that was the point–a Christian pilgrimage is supposed to have some echo of Jesus’ agony. But I…

Available September 4, 2018. Click cover to learn more.

An Oral History of Shame

An Excerpt From Pure: Inside the Evangelical Movement That Shamed a Generation of Young Women and How I Broke Free


The Ultimate To-Do List

An excerpt from Set in Stone: America’s Embrace of the Ten Commandments.

Grace Period

Losing Our Selves, But Never Getting Lost

An excerpt from KtB e-book Grace Period: A Memoir In Pieces.

Uggs for Gaza

Uggs for Gaza

“After a few drinks, Mitch gleaned that Rafe and Joey were “just friends,” which he found encouraging. Less encouraging—downright puzzling, really—was when the conversation turned to environmental concerns, or their version of them. Rafe was dating a girl who studied the effects of secondhand smoke on cats. Joey’s niece just had a particular kind of…


Epiphany’s Choice

To honor in reverence, or destroy in fear?


Celebrate with KtB, Thurs. 3/10 in Brooklyn!

Dear Readers, You are warmly invited to join Killing the Buddha this Thursday evening for: Love You to Death! a raucous celebration of the publication of Ann Neumann‘s The Good Death: An Exploration of Dying in America (Beacon Press, February 2016) with a night of death-affirming readings by authors Scott Korb, Gordon Haber, and Peter Manseau (Melancholy Accidents: Three Centuries of Stray…


Zombies and Guns

When did a movie monster become a reason for purchasing weapons? An excerpt from The Zombies Are Coming.


On Black Anti-Semitism

From the new memoir Letter To Jimmy (Soft Skull Press), translated from the French by Sara Meli Ansari.


Strangers and Friends

A conversation with Ashley Makar and John Green, on the occasion of her new book, You Were Strangers.


Religious Baggage

An excerpt from Ashley’s new e-book You Were Strangers: Dispatches from Exile



By the author of Sister Golden Hair: A Novel, published this week by Tin House.


This Mutant Genre

The introduction to a new anthology Radiant Truths: Essential …. Essays on American Belief


“It’s The World That’s Strange”

Barbara Ehrenreich talks to Jeff Sharlet about her new book, mysticism, secrecy, and science.

Killing the Buddha

Told You So

As generally skeptical types, we Buddha-killers don’t like to claim victory over the forces of dogma and oversimplification very often. The very act of our title is, after all, in the present tense. But it does seem in recent months that the good word of Buddha-killing–writing about religion the way most of us actually experience…


Believer, Beware! Resurrected

Believer, Beware is now available for the first time as an e-book! The 2009 anthology of the best of the first incarnation of KtB features irreverent yet heartbreaking personal essays from some of our favorite writers, including Jeff Sharlet, Peter Manseau, Laurel Snyder, Stephen Prothero, Patton Dodd, and Mary Valle. See the full list below.…


Spiritual American Trash

Buddha-killer and regular contributor Greg Bottoms has a new book out! It is a collection of eight biographical essays on 20th-century religious self-taught artists called Spiritual American Trash: Portraits from the Margins of Art and Faith (Counterpoint). It’s filled with his trademark poetic prose and insights on spirituality, creativity, suffering, and art-as-survival, and several of…