New York City


Sometimes You Want to Go

If only we could find a way to live together.

Killing the Buddha

Not For One Side Alone

Yesterday morning, the morning after the grand jury failed to return an indictment against Darrell Wilson in Ferguson, MO, I had to appear in family court. My son’s father brought false allegations of “Alienation” (a charge made largely by middle-class white men against middle-class white women and one that is enough to trump anything else…


Meet Black Judaism

“This is not some sort of act. This is what we do.”


The Niagara River

An excerpt from the novel High As The Horses’ Bridles, published this week by Henry Holt.


If A Jewish Girl Falls into the East River…

…does she make a sound?

Danica Novgorodoff hanging a panel from her upcoming graphic novel...

The Undertaking of Danica Novgorodoff

For those of you wondering how Buddha-killer Danica Novgorodoff’s guerrilla art project last weekend turned out… see the gallery above.  Danica’s five-foot-tall print of a chapter from her upcoming graphic novel The Undertaking of Lily Chen graced an 130-foot stretch of Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, under the Williamsburg Bridge. Much of it, we’re told, is…

Killing the Buddha

Faith in the Five Boroughs

For your Friday viewing enjoyment, a video from the new documentary series Faith in the Five Boroughs, documenting faith and religion in New York’s immigrant communities. This one is about a woman who has built a large shrine to La Santa Muerte in her home.

Occupy Catholics art by KtB's Communicant, Mary Valle.

No Revolution Without Religion

Why the Occupy movement needs to Occupy faith.

CHERYL, CHERYL: FRITE OF SPRING, video still, 2010.

American Idolatry

A new exhibition puts pop culture fandom on white walls.